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Concorde Warrior F-BVFA's Karma

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7/2/2014Star fhissp passing by!
6/28/2014Thank You Mon Cheri Amore For Co-Hosting The BRAZIL v CHILE Thread With Me! X (ICELANDIC)
6/27/2014Samsa Samsa :)
6/18/2014Broccoli & Cheese! - ANHEDONIC
6/14/2014Have a great day :) Em
6/13/2014Thank you for valuable and knowledgeable posts! -- from goodmockingbird
6/12/2014Thanks for the information. pool
6/11/2014Thanks airplane! :D
6/10/2014Green For Speedbird Concorde!!! MattieD:)
6/10/2014Hi there airplane:) G.Samsa
6/9/2014From the dead head=Pooch
6/1/2014Thanks for supporting the Egyptian nation. beeches
5/29/2014Green greetings from Samsa:)
5/29/2014Patrick star :D
5/25/2014Love your response
5/21/2014Welcome back my friend:) G.S.
5/15/2014Star fhisp :D
5/11/2014Good Karma to you for posting on the thread!!! I LOVED it!! Thanks, Strangela
5/1/2014Senna/Ratzenberger thread ~ Beetle
4/30/2014Past more futuristic than the future indeed -Astro
4/26/2014Jukebox Emerge :)
4/26/2014Thank you my friend!G.Samsa
4/21/2014Patrick star
4/17/2014Le Concorde! ~Snuffie
4/11/2014TY for you insight. Watdelhel
4/8/2014Some lovely music :) paler
4/8/2014Karma roLL ....C.C
4/6/2014Hi F-BVFA Green Karma from Gonviral
4/2/2014Satan worshipping ritualistic steaming cum dumpster! Prolapse is this fuckers salvation!!
3/28/2014Thanks for the visit airplane :D
3/25/2014Karma roLL ....C.C
3/21/2014Love GFG
3/20/2014Have a nice green flight airplane:) G.Samsa
3/18/2014Hi from trailingedge :-)
3/17/2014West is bad.. russia is good.. right airplane? xD
3/12/2014Yes and true
3/6/2014Green to Concorde from ~Snuffie!
3/6/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/4/2014Green for the airplane:)G.Samsa
2/22/2014Hi there lovely airplane:) G.Samsa
2/22/2014For the peace bump....grumpier
2/22/2014Thanks for the anniversary wishes,much apreciated--Tripleh31​
2/22/2014Know the airplane :D
2/18/2014Thanks !!! Elsabiades...
2/13/2014Back for airplane :)
2/5/2014For peace....grumpier
2/2/2014Star fish from asia
1/30/2014Hello my friend:)G.Samsa
1/28/2014Aculi left this
12/29/2013All the best for 2014 - starfhisp!
12/16/2013Starfhisp taken D:
12/10/2013Aculi told Acula to type this
12/7/2013Green for the lovely airplane:) G.Samsa
12/7/2013Brussel sprout recipes! nah :)
12/5/2013Star Fhisp taking off
11/28/2013Happy Thanksgiving France ....C.C
11/28/2013Happy Thanksgiving! -Aculi ;)
11/27/2013Star fhispp hohoho
11/27/2013Love your animal quote
11/26/2013LoveLightEnergy~*** ctruth333
11/25/2013Hope all is well dear airplane~G.Samsa
11/25/2013Thanks for stopping by. RayGun
11/21/2013Brief :)
11/18/2013Waffles & for your Francophonie participation
11/17/2013Some green for you airplane, coz long time no see! ExploringTheTruth.
11/14/2013Hello there airplane:) G.Samsa
11/14/2013Star Fhisp dropping green on the site!
11/6/2013Star fhisp plane
11/2/2013Nice :) Boots
10/30/2013Welcome back:) G.Samsa
10/26/2013Star fhisp :)
10/21/2013Aculi was here lol
10/19/2013Hello airplane! Here i am :) - Star Fhisp
10/18/2013Nice tunes, paler
10/18/2013Karma RoLL ....c.c
10/12/2013A green airplane for you:)G.Samsa
10/11/2013Amen...you are 100% correct...I just wish more folks were self-educated !
10/9/2013GLP Jukebox ~ Beetlejuice
10/8/2013"Yes - 100% Obama's Fault" RayGun
10/4/2013Hello Airplane:) G.Samsa
9/19/2013For being part of the Divine flow for peace and love..wildhoney
9/11/2013Karma from gonviral
9/10/2013Acula wasnt here... but Aculi left this! lol
9/9/2013Hello my friend:) Gregor Samsa
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