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Bebe's Karma

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6/16/2019Good point; God overlooked on Father's day.
6/14/2019Us/UK terrorist supporting pos. Go fuck yourself.
6/6/2019Dumbass nibirutard
6/6/2019Endless mercy comment. Thanks
3/23/2019"I think Michael may have been weird but it was an innocent weird."
3/23/2019Pedo Bitch
2/13/2019Thanks for your kind word and support on my daughter's help thread! TrustNoOneKS
2/8/2019Stay warm ~mypillow
2/1/2019Love GFG
1/30/2019Yes animal abuse
1/19/2019You are a special kind of stupid
1/18/2019Green from White Wolf
11/29/2018Shall not be infringed. Didn't know our rights were a "hobby". Now getting your prolapsed asshole tickled by your tranny husband, that's a "hobby".
11/29/2018You suck i hunt and shoot! boo hoo move to england commie!!!
11/28/2018There's nothing wrong with white people, nignog
11/28/2018Your anger gets the best of you. You must be a real fan of Satan. Hah!
11/28/2018You need some green & some respect for your beliefs. Reincarnation was officially removed from Christian doctrine in the year 553 - Louis in Richmond
11/6/2018Thank you. Diabolical. I really hope I can help him.
10/29/2018Good answer about the ring
10/25/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/25/2018“ I am the WAY, the truth and life” said Jesus -TallDarknSamson
10/14/2018Jesus bless you!
10/10/2018Donkey Lips Was Here
10/4/2018U owe me 3.50
10/4/2018Sick... how havent you been banned for posting child porn? That kid is like 5 years old WTF hope FBI visits you soon
10/4/2018Counteracting your green !!
10/4/2018Counteracting your red
9/26/2018Jesus hears nothing, he isn't real. Moran
9/17/2018With Love Brother :)
9/15/2018Conception. Seekinginformation
8/5/2018A wee green to help your numbers; Props for supporting GLP! ;-}
7/29/2018Whatever happened to Dad, father, etc
7/23/2018Good comments! need some green!
5/25/2018Idiot doper
5/25/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
5/19/2018Likes big black cocks
5/19/2018Jesus is coming soon!
5/12/2018Letting yourself be a slave of your emotions...
4/1/2018Happy Easter! - abeliever
3/25/2018So you're a Religitard AND a Libtard?? There is no hope for you.
3/23/2018Coal burning again?
3/23/2018Fuck Cultural Marxism
3/21/2018Total Libtard. Wake up and look around.
3/14/2018Looks like you like red here have some ass hat
2/28/2018Finally someone else understand that there nothing wrong with an age limit for guns.
2/26/2018For defending the Blessed Mother! - Veritas_A
2/24/2018You're Barbara Ann? Love, Born_Again_Hard
2/21/2018Fucking shill!
2/21/2018An AR15 is NOT an assault rifle dweeb
2/21/2018Go away
2/7/2018Is your name Jose? You’re an enemy to my country.
2/7/2018Hopefully an MS13 dreamer kills you
2/7/2018Just because
2/7/2018Eat shit
2/1/2018Out of your mind.
1/25/2018From Lady Crimson Rose
1/22/2018I agree
1/21/2018Trump and pro-life defense...pilgrim
1/16/2018Damn Siri....lol
1/15/2018Based on your comments i think you like negative attention so, I'll do you a solid. Eat shit.
1/10/2018Dumbass libtard
1/9/2018You've been needing this for a couple of days, Bebe. I sign my red last one
1/9/2018How about some red. You earned it.
1/7/2018From Tess.
1/4/2018Another liberal douchebag
1/4/2018Red for you
1/2/2018MAGA! Docsquat
12/28/2017Truth. You speak Truth! Follower of Jesus
12/24/2017Thank you. pilgrim
12/14/2017More red for you
11/25/2017It's a damn cat, not everyone wants to waste money taking them to overpriced vets. Get a fucking life loser
11/25/2017STFU! He doesn't have the money! Are you stupid?!
11/5/2017You've been thru some hard stuff. pool
10/19/2017Christian love
10/12/2017Fellow Catholic!!!
9/30/2017True. Non Christians think the rules do not apply to them, LOL!
9/30/2017What a fuckin homo
9/29/2017Of course it is a Rotary Club.
9/14/2017Dumbass libtard
9/9/2017The tares shall be rendered to Cesar
9/6/2017Millions of angels for relief, now. Please.
8/27/2017Thanks for upgrading
8/22/2017The Beatles. love, GGAllin
8/19/2017From Ralph--a house dog
8/12/2017Rcc is just about to implode
8/9/2017Ou need some green. great chip info~ Molly
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