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6/6/2023Much Butthurt from the truth?
6/6/2023It's called the truth. Truth is not always convienent to your globalist narrative. Deal with it.
5/17/2023From Butch DeFeo
5/17/2023For the kids. SkinnyChic
5/10/2023M0r3 green
5/10/2023Russia is a loser.Zelensky is our hero.
3/31/2023Commie Putin Puffer
3/28/2023"Maximum sentence for murder in Canada..." - XJDUB.
3/2/2023''Climate Change is code for Overpopulation'' How clever! Thank you for posting in my thread :) Shadow Entity
12/28/2022From Butch DeFeo
10/10/2022From Butch DeFeo
7/8/2022From Butch DeFeo
6/6/2022I like your style.
12/29/2021Thanks i needed that...Chugalug~
12/2/2021Its pointless to avoid it at this point. - trashcanman2
10/13/2021"Obvious diversity hire" ~WalrusRider
7/30/2021They didn't attack themselves you idiot.
7/9/2021Excellent point.... 'bankers know their days are numbered" At least the Deep state ones ...
5/4/2021Thanks for the AliExpress tip! Justme
4/8/2021Freaking hilarious! "Delete my browser history" Truth B Known
2/8/2021Green - grove street
2/2/2021Winter green. love 99
1/29/2021Ape Strong
1/28/2021Link for that? I get that liars don't have links .
1/19/2021Yup 30k sounds legit i thought the 44k spike was to fast. around 30k will be the new floor i agree.
1/18/2021I like the way you are thinking - Emerald_Glow 2.0
1/18/2021LMAO at your post on kraken vs nothinburger poll thread! ....Zenobia ;-)
1/14/2021Great comment!
11/24/2020Stop messaging me. No! I don't want to see your 2" willy! Leave me alone!
11/2/2020America will never even fuckface
8/28/2020Green from Goneviral
6/10/2020Green - grove street
6/9/2020Contributed to thread - Click Here Again
6/5/2020Always appreciate your posts
6/4/2020Because he’s a retard
5/31/2020For "another covid death"... Seekinginformation
5/24/2020Green for scary scenario - grove street
5/18/2020Before you just spew fake, you have to offer proof, You have none. Just lies.
5/13/2020Seems Legit
5/8/2020Thanks for correcting me. PDX_Dude
5/4/2020SARS Engineered. N3M3S1S
5/4/2020Engineered. love Miss Cleo
3/23/2020Get em told!
3/18/2020Trump knew about this Coronavirus in December 2019. Trump disbanded the office which would have been on top of this. Trump said it was a HOAX by the Dems. Trump said it was nothing more than a cold. T
3/9/2020Obsessed with toilet paper. lol. love Miss Cleo
3/5/2020Clever, grams of silver...InYerNeck
3/5/2020Thank you for lightening the mood around here! JanJan
2/28/2020Good comment
2/28/2020Until you get reinfected. Read up on the subject. Good grief.
2/25/2020Flu doom green <3 Only Me
2/4/2020Time you get a trial upgrade....the old timer....God bless
1/30/2020Funny, thanks for the laugh - MissPixie
1/24/2020Greenage for your participations on my thread...saved
1/23/2020Watch our for missiles. haha. love Miss Cleo
12/15/2019MAGA and Merry Christmas! Pepperroni
9/22/2019Agreed eat 1 more g lol Geraldgar
9/17/2019"taste tester for Epstein" :chuckle: from WGON
8/27/2019Very funny
8/27/2019Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
8/27/2019Excellent thread. pool
8/27/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
8/27/2019Nazi loving trash
8/13/2019Q ...Im glad someone was paying attention he only said it the first day
7/29/2019Green-tard drive by - WyateSmith
7/29/2019Turd ferguson... 911 moran
7/14/2019Green -batman is cool
7/5/2019Green for ping - batman is cool
6/18/2019LOL WUT "had to all of Obama's activist judges..." means Moran?
6/13/2019Anti Semitic shit
5/7/2019Green for correctly identifying beta-cuck
5/3/2019Resting your case. chasity xoxo
4/22/2019Tesra hahaha 1-2-follow
3/12/2019LOL (Seems legit.)
2/20/2019Hilarious comment!
2/1/2019Great thread on Trump speaking about the National Emergency Cheers ~Paul Drake
1/29/2019Great post, AOC and Bernie to Venezuela. Thanks, Billy Ringo
1/17/2019You're a lil bit of a dumb bastard i see...now fuck the right off pally
12/21/2018Merry Christmas (from garden)
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