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Use your brian, moran!'s Karma

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12/19/2013Merry Christmas! krystal
12/14/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
12/13/2013Useless drivel from a butthurt psychopath
12/12/2013Hi my friend :) tampaheather
12/10/2013Thanks for your contributions - Ison tell tale sign - Ladyk
12/8/2013Because you earned some ~ Arcturus
12/8/2013Bad back at ya
12/6/2013Electrical Interaction comment. Great post! -Serendipitous
12/6/2013Pushes the doom agenda a bit too much. Hmm.
12/5/2013Yes cool thanx! u spelled it right. Canadiangreekme.. been following him as well <3
12/5/2013Happy Holidays ~ Simple27 : )
12/4/2013Useless drivel from a butthurt psychopath
12/4/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/4/2013Awesome comment - star fhisp
12/3/2013Thanks for coming by the thread :-) -DelusionsOfGrandeur
12/3/2013Thank you!! ibyte on 2
12/3/2013The Green Goblin hahahaha good 1 I would of said gaging girl
12/3/2013<3 you rock krystle ann
12/3/2013Vote of confidence!
12/1/2013Greetings from Brazil - AA
11/30/2013Calls those who disagree with him shills
11/30/2013Karma Love!....>>>>Settle4I​t<<<<
11/28/2013Thanks for oversaturation explanation! ~UAP
11/27/2013STFU with the shill accusations. Astro has been proven right every time, year after year. You and your ilk are wrong every time.
11/26/2013You are going to be very embarrassed very soon for your outbursts on ison
11/26/2013Your very welcome have a wonderful day :) sacred energy
11/25/2013Happy Thanksgiving and ISON watching - whiteangel
11/25/2013You got obvious Shillred, I will balance it out :) ~ Arcturus
11/25/2013Likes flogging a dead horse, even though they lack the intellect to do so
11/25/2013Plus One for saying it like it is! Screw the shills giving you red.
11/25/2013The Sun as an Antibody, interesting.. :)
11/24/2013Andreidita :)
11/24/2013Some green for you.
11/24/2013Thank you for being so kind...Krystal
11/21/2013Thank you ! ( hugs ) - ap girl
11/20/2013Troll, hateful, bully, inconsiderate, rude, distasteful, foul mouthed, closed minded, doesn't add anything to discussions.
11/20/2013Sissy boy
11/20/2013Minus one
11/20/2013Thanks for backing me up, asstroll is a jerk of great magnitude!!!,.,..,.,.​,M*walk
11/20/2013Thor forever LOL
11/19/2013Fuck off bitch, we're not shills
11/18/2013Shills, Shills Everywhere! Nibururuuruuu is Heere.
11/18/2013Shills, Shills Everywhere! Nibururuuruuu is Heere.
11/18/2013The awake get green. SUROH4711
11/16/2013I rarely lower myself to bother responding to your drivel
11/13/2013Drooling fuckwit
11/12/2013Shill patrol
11/11/2013Low IQ, you should be a cop
11/11/2013Simple27 : )
11/7/2013From gree_girl ~ you have it wrong. It is the shills themselves leading this fight against me and a few others. don't fall for it. They are derailing threads, i just dont know why yet.
10/26/2013Made me laugh
10/19/2013Simple27 : )
10/18/2013Using your brain is not your strong side
10/18/2013Watch your mouth punk
10/18/2013Brain of a tree-frog.
10/10/2013Thanks for your support. strongman
10/10/2013Abusive post
10/10/2013I'm not a shill you stupid piece of shit
10/9/2013Dumb and dumber
10/9/2013Hear, hear!!!! Agree, it's not the country doing this, but the criminals in power! ScarlettOHell
10/9/2013Thanks! - salty1
10/9/2013Good clarification. -rorschach
10/8/2013Tuesday Green!!! ~Vesper33~
9/30/2013Thanks for the Karma - G3
9/24/2013Because...it's a good thread. And we're gonna be extinct. :)
9/23/2013Thank you for posting your thread!....>>>>Settle​4It<<<,
9/23/2013Fireball doom! :D calx
9/23/2013Thanks for the thread! psg
9/23/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/19/2013For your Astro post...Chas...
9/19/2013For the WINNER
9/19/2013Dont fuck with me -Dr. Acula
9/18/2013Thanks for the help. A. Snowman
9/18/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/18/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/17/2013For believing that the republic is not dead. Oh, and for having a great nickname... Inquiring Mind
9/17/2013Always good comments, Isis One
9/12/2013Speaking truth.
9/8/2013Karma cycle - FISHYFELLA
9/7/2013I agree! And have a lovely day. :) Sloane
9/6/2013Reported Abusive Post
9/6/2013Thanks for showing me that the article about sarin gas was from May. Brad Daylight~
9/5/2013Nothing wrong with Fox
9/3/2013Yep, China gonna get those islands
9/1/2013Eagerly awaiting the event... ~ Arcturus
9/1/2013Good thread I agree something is on the cusp and it will be big -Steamrolled
8/31/2013The Philistines is an exitinct people you retarded muslim
8/31/2013Green love to you! Littlemiracles
8/31/2013Suck less dick
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