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1/9/2015Keep thinking like you do... serenaseesall
1/9/2015For You
1/9/2015Nice observation with Scott Brown
1/6/2015Sound cannot travel through space, idiot.
12/26/2014Congrats on your upgrade :)
5/31/2014Pretty cool guardian you have there
1/25/2014For neat handle. beeches
9/13/2013YS quote I have been monitoring that and AK side said exactly what you did on FOG thread Blessings AKO
9/8/2013Ezekiel's wheel theory- fascinating thx for sharing- morganite
9/7/2013Glad you got to see! ;)ag
8/24/2013Shhh don't tell the rigitards the truth. lol -Nika
6/19/2013Hope you head is better! ibyte on 2
6/19/2013Shills are easy to spot. Go away

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