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11/5/2015Greenings from Böze Tante :)
1/27/2015Have some red
1/11/2015Reported Abusive Post
1/11/2015Love Paradigm
1/10/2015Bless you, friend~WFTMission~ (HUGS)
1/10/2015The bible sais lucifer exists. you say he doesnt. wonder which is right? /rolls eyes
12/28/2014God bless you , brother fullfaith
12/27/2014We focus on the message, not the man ~hillbilly
12/27/2014Thanks for the comment...Dr.Hill
12/25/2014Thanks for listening~I appreciate it~May God bless you and keep you~WFTMission~
12/23/2014For practicing reason/common sense
12/22/2014You worship the wrong jesus
12/21/2014Go back to your hateful, vengeful, psychotic asshole of a god. We don't want you.
12/20/2014Love ~Paradigm
12/16/2014Demonic wall of texts are boring. the rcc does the same
12/15/2014For the ultimate conspiracy that is rejected by conspiracists. Good job. - YellowSquash
12/15/2014Good Karma hello. SouthernLady
12/10/2014Hippy sxum
12/7/2014Nah-T :D
12/5/2014For being the voice of reason
12/5/2014Your trolling sucks.
12/4/2014Brain dead.
12/4/2014Uneducated no nothing, who is hateful to anyone and evryone. Knows absolutly nothing of the ancient mystical writings
12/4/2014Worst of the worst TROLL on GLP. A truly hateful individual.
12/4/2014You love to take things out of context. Try taking this karma out of context.
12/1/2014You are foolish and you are deceived.
11/30/2014Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
9/18/2014Stop pushing your gay agenda
8/26/2014False Teacher and an Antichrist
8/25/2014Educate yourself homotard
8/25/2014Yup. full retard they go
8/25/2014You look like you could use some green. Ms.Superduper
8/14/2014False Teacher and allied to islam
8/12/2014Awesome comment in my thread, thanks, Bes Maat
8/12/2014Thank you for reasonable comments in Egypt Mufti anti-IS thread -- from goodmockingbird
8/12/2014Thanks for telling the truth. ISIS are fake muslims
8/10/2014Talmud worshiper
8/8/2014For the great comments in the concentration camp thread.
8/8/2014Dont bother arguing with the pig chip, hell then ban you
8/3/2014For your WISE statement in the Christians being slaughtered in the ME thread. Abinadi
8/2/2014For calling everyone here ignorant/ dumbshit
7/31/2014Trinity FTW
7/30/2014For Paul truth - LostReality33
7/25/2014Christians are monothiests, not polythiests. You earned this one. +1 Occasionally Swears
7/24/2014I like your posts ~ Shamar
7/24/2014Thanks for the discussions ~ A Friend
7/23/2014Stand strong brother 14W
7/21/2014Something tells me you're going to need a lot of luck after SHTF with that hateful attitude
7/21/2014Go to hell.
7/21/2014Keep your mouth shut false teacher
7/18/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/18/2014I pray you never have a baby....you obviously have no soul or care for innocent dead children.
7/17/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/15/2014Historically versed. pool
7/15/2014Calling you a loser, does make it so-however
7/13/2014For you fullfaith
7/12/2014You're wrong.
7/11/2014You dont know what the fuck you prefer- you only know what has been put in your head by the enemy- you are the problem with great Sweeden
7/11/2014Idiot, total idiot
7/10/2014Because we found some sense of peace and agreement! <3 Doomish
7/9/2014Like you care about GLP karma, rayman ;D
7/7/2014You think like a jew! Dreamily
7/7/2014Good, you believe there is only one God. The demons know that too, and they tremble.
7/7/2014NAMBLA is a part of mainstream LGBT - FACT.
7/5/2014Even if we disagree on some aspects of life, I can see you are wise and have a good heart. Cheers, friend. <3
7/4/2014Fuck you camel jockey
7/4/2014You swedish shitbags are a pitiful lot.
7/3/2014You are a ridiculous fucking cunt.
6/30/2014Muslim scum loving pig
6/30/2014Faggot cock sucker
6/29/2014For being an ass
6/29/2014Islamic ass muncher.
6/28/2014Would give you every green I have if I could... for your post in the pedo agenda thread
6/28/2014False teacher
6/20/2014Just because =}.
6/19/2014Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
6/19/2014Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
6/18/2014Hilarious how those faggots hate it when faced with facts and truth!
6/11/2014Idiot big time
6/10/2014May God forgive you.
6/8/2014Agree. The Trinity is idolatry as well. ~LunaRabbit
6/3/2014I bet you fap when watching gay porn
5/28/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/20/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/10/2014What GREAT support and you CRACK me up at times as well-
5/4/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/3/2014Sweden's got you mind controlled. Break free.
5/2/2014Bad Human
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