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SaintVron's Karma

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3/15/2023Good post
2/28/2023Grow up pudknocker!
2/28/2023Dumb fhuck
2/26/2023One ST to another gree. ST Tidbits
1/18/2023Reported Abusive Post
1/17/2023For twisting scripture to suit your false ideas
1/3/2023All the best. LTHN.
11/20/2022Reported Abusive Post
10/25/2022Bible thumping numbers retard
10/16/2022Date setting. Frowned upon.
3/9/2022Maga Maga Maga Maga Maga
12/26/20214th bloiod moon thread GG
12/26/2021For twisting scripture to suit your false ideas
12/26/2021Green to help you periodically pin from ADEND
12/26/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/16/2021Enjoying your eschatology posts - keep them coming! -Anubis
7/27/2021Iq of 1 potato
7/27/2021Green for you and St. Luke. ~White Gloves
7/26/2021Thanks for your post. "Luke 21:34." Jesus said l"Look within yourself to find the kingdom of God" Much Love! ..11:11..
7/26/2021Come on man, the post was only good the first 20 times you posted it - bootobin
7/26/2021Spamming threads with same comment about Luke
7/26/2021Absolutely! ( Very Interesting)
7/19/2021For twisting scripture to suit your false ideas
7/10/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/10/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/27/2021Full of dodo poop
6/18/2021Derp Derp! Derpity derp derp! God! Derp derp Derpity derp.... JESUS! Derpity derp derp derp!
6/9/2021Promoting 1/2 truths to suck down those he can
6/1/2021So far off the track, lost in the brambles...
5/26/2021Blasphemous viper spewing pure grade A garbage. Slither back under thine rock
5/26/2021The Rev.12 Woman Is Pregnant Right Now. < where's your proof? Dumbass
5/6/2021Yeah, follow that fake religion bro. FFS
5/2/2021Silly snake slither somewhere sandy
11/2/2020For your Antichrist thread. Good stuff here. - My Foolish Daydream
10/27/2020Religion is fake bro, it has no place on GLP
10/27/2020100% fail.
10/12/2020PH of 9+ is the best place to be in these days.. stay safe. ~batman
2/20/2017Be nice
9/26/2015Bans those who show his gross errors and false teachings
9/26/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
9/25/2015Gbu sir - VoiceInTheWilderness
3/21/2015False teacher
3/13/2015Enough of your false teachings already. Christ can deliver you from your demons
2/26/2015Karma B
12/11/2014Your post on 12/11/2014 shows that without a doubt you follow Satan
12/4/2014False teacher
9/10/2014False teacher or totally deluded as to the truth of Gods Word and prophecy.
9/5/2014Fabulous religious insight
9/4/2014Nice post ~ A Friend
8/27/2014May YWHW Bless you and keep you~Much Peace,Love, and Light~WFTMission
8/22/2014A giving spirit
8/12/2014Wow, embarrassing how little ou kow about the Bible, plese quit teaching, as you are the one needing taught.
8/11/2014I hate religitards, but your red shirt comment was gad damn funny !!!
8/5/2014Hang in there-dschis
8/1/2014Ignore list 4 U
7/27/2014Beautiful title of thread - x
7/16/2014Still lost in youown ego
7/16/2014LOL, money is not the power of the Saints....MJ
7/14/2014You need meds
7/14/2014False teacher
7/10/2014Good advice dmore4
7/8/2014Daniel 11:37 ~BSZ
7/7/2014Twist scripture much?
7/5/2014False teacher
7/3/2014Deluded freak
7/2/2014You are too obvious
6/29/2014Its a honor
7/8/2013So do I. beeches. some story there, horses and God. Thanks and keep away from her hooves!

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