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darth's Karma

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7/12/2019Damn, props on what you two did for Luis ~Fret Wiz
7/8/2019Story teller
7/3/2019For updated Israel nuke numbers - Bobby
7/2/2019Thanks for your great input in my Mizuno LENR thread. Red Hot Chilean Pepe
6/18/2019Pirates used a spark plug gun to pop holes in the side of that Jap ship.
6/14/2019Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
6/13/2019Good post -dschis
6/12/2019Green from Red Hot Chilean Pepe, an honor to be able to interact with you here at GLP.
6/7/2019Thanks Darth for Fiji video on Ebola. ~White Gloves
6/4/2019Enjoy your day! - Janedoenut
5/31/2019Love your posts
5/31/2019You are such a nice person! So glad you are with us!! Pooka
5/30/2019Good plan on the Selective Service - Callin
5/26/2019Good Larry story! Lance from BC
5/18/2019Love your posts
5/15/2019Green for your post on Florida Voting Systems thread - BirdMom
5/11/20191 bullet per prisoner. Good idea. Maranatha Man
4/26/2019Thank you for the wholesale post - well done. You know why and I bless you! Pooka
4/19/2019Excellent idea
4/12/2019Anonymous JD
4/12/2019Good to have you around! Pooka
4/10/2019Oog has angered the gods ~Deasert Dude
4/7/2019Women are like buses, Every 15 minutes another one comes by..
4/5/2019My healing heart to yours....love-love, cosmicgypsy
3/31/2019Think I greened you already this week, no? Pooka
3/23/2019Space Shuttle thread -auntiebeads
3/23/2019Thank you for sharing that
3/22/2019Thanks for your post on the o ring story. KAN DAEK
3/22/2019Excellent post
3/20/2019Yes, convince others, don't remove womens voting rights
3/20/2019"Go THOU"??? Hue hue hue. STFU penis lips. In ALL of history, NOBODY has ever said it like that.
3/17/2019Glad you are with us in the prep thread! Pooka
3/7/2019Finland ~ Where Eagles Dare
3/7/2019More likely they have been trained by those we, our country, has trained. also probable that the rats share some cheese with tge mice, to win "la raza" Vince always wins the rat race(at leas
3/6/2019Green drive by - ! - Janedoenut
2/22/2019LOL at using FE for fuel - Toledo Steel
2/5/2019Greenage. Wedge5th
1/25/2019That's cool as hell man .. mollz
1/25/2019Cool post
1/21/2019Thank you for the kind note - Janedoenut
1/10/2019Thank you
1/9/2019Your posts on Gault thread>>>MarPep
12/13/2018Great post on prions ~ Flashbuzzkill
12/3/2018Aeronautic Engineer who worked on advanced weaponry, all the way from West Point. Tell us another lie about yourself
12/1/2018Great write up!
11/26/2018For "illities"; great post. - Louis in Richmond
11/20/2018I am sick of whitewashing history too!
11/16/2018You rock sir!
11/16/2018You know why...$3.50 for you.
11/16/2018For info Re: DEW and related costs ~Shea D Kuntz
11/3/2018Thanks for sharing your account.
10/28/2018Thanks for the red you fuckin cunt
10/24/2018Great info.
10/21/2018One of the best posters on GLP. -Astro
10/19/2018AnonymousGirl :)
10/19/2018A rare case of sanity.
10/19/2018Great, intelligent info about Russia.
10/18/2018Peace darth. You are an interesting guy and legit. Alladdin.
10/18/2018For the post about technological retardism TS
10/13/2018Voter Fraud Ring, Coolone
10/8/2018Excellent comment on the 5g thread.... Zuzu
9/25/2018Good comments about DC. -- Rosenkrantz
4/21/2016Setheory was here
7/18/2013ANCHA! TWA 800 Thank you.

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