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JinxyKinxy's Karma

Total: 77 (77  User Votes) and 19

1/20/2018Athiest loser
9/2/2015Nasty skank
9/2/2015Choke and die
8/2/2015Whoever left the 2 comments below - grow a pair & leave ur name next time... -snake
7/19/2015Choke and die
6/25/2015I was being sarcastic! Love pudding!
6/17/2015Love you Jinxy!!! ~ MO
5/13/2015Nutmeg... :)
5/6/2015Happy Wednesday. - TedEdFred
4/29/2015Good observation
4/28/2015Hey JinxyMcDeath! haven't seen your funny photoshops in a while - post some up!
4/22/2015Tsk tsk
4/16/2015You were sweeter as Jinxy McDeath
4/14/2015Much love back at you :) Whore of Babylon
4/13/2015Luv ya:) BRIC
4/13/2015Consider NOT reading the bible.
4/13/2015Fuck you
4/13/2015Consider reading the Bible.
4/12/2015For being nasty and sleazy
4/11/2015Yo swipe yo EBT!
4/11/2015People have a right to eat to live, but do not live by bread alone
4/10/2015No problem... - WOLF
3/21/2015For being a stupid, knocked up, nasty skank
3/5/2015For calling out 'absolute bullshit' - WOLF
2/4/2015Congrats from gg !!
2/2/2015Congrats on the good news! :) Teddy Salad
1/16/2015Sup kinkyjinx -snake
1/12/2015Thanks Jinxy! - ANHEDONIC : )
1/2/2015Ronald McJesus, baby :) Em
12/29/2014Happy New Year! =) -snake
12/27/2014Congratulations, darling!!!
12/27/2014Most wonderful thoughts and blessings your way. Sloane
12/26/2014Hey congratulation - aqmah ^-^
12/20/2014Merry christmas =) -snake
11/28/2014Like your posts - ANHEDONIC
10/22/2014For telling it like it is - ANHEDONIC
10/22/2014You're fuckin cool! ~ShillShank Reduction
10/16/2014You don't deserve karma for having a pretty face and a vagina
10/6/2014Holy Bile is right alright! Mograth
10/2/2014Just because
10/2/2014And another ditz
10/2/2014Come play when u get a chance -snake
10/2/2014From eekers :)
9/30/2014Yahushuah is the real answer to the mess we're in. Yah bless. nesarasucksDOTkom
9/30/2014Zeitgeist Addendum is where it's at. It terrifies people to hear truths :: GhostProphet
9/30/2014Remember who you meant to be-brightman
9/29/2014Don't let your cleverness trip you
9/29/2014The pointiest chin I have ever seen lol
9/26/2014Heads Up: Churchbites no Like You!!
9/26/2014Able bodied SEAMAN!
9/26/2014You are so pretty!!!
9/24/2014Green from ANHEDONIC
9/24/2014Shill for Satan
9/19/2014Enjoy ur weekend =) -snake
9/18/2014The Old Timer wants to thank you for your post on the "are we too stupid to ask" your a hoot!!!
9/15/2014Listening is good; It is not hearing. TastyThoughts
9/11/2014Pointy nose attention whore
9/10/2014Pointy nose attention whore
9/9/2014Righteous sister! nahkers :)
9/8/2014Have a good week, jinx =) -snake
9/4/2014Very pretty -- filth
8/31/2014Sunday green from Lil Sis :-)
8/30/2014Enjoy your weekend... -snake
8/30/2014Relativity Nice response!!!
8/28/2014Pass...ill learn to cope with my issues instead of running from them thanks... --sees
8/27/2014I cant comment, spot on,got it..SceinceRocket
8/27/2014Miss you & ur witty comments....SNIPER
8/26/2014Karma bitching threads are against the rules and will only land you with more red karma. Noob.
8/26/2014Hey Jinxy!! I miss you in poker chat!! Please come back!! ;-(
8/23/2014Turn chat on in poker sometime... we miss talkin to ya -snake
8/19/2014Pretty picture Jinxy! LittleMissDictator :)
8/18/2014Missed you Jinx! LilSis (W.Lily in previous incarnation)
8/14/2014Because, (BELCH!!!) :) RW
8/6/2014The moran, below, is jealous... i dig your pic =) - snake
7/26/2014Poker karma! LittleMissDictator
7/26/2014Level headed
7/8/2014I like your furry hat! :) RW
3/1/2014Back at ya :) Rabid Wolf
2/8/2014Just a little green :) -RW
9/14/2013Really love the avatar. Jedi
9/7/2013Ret'd in kind-Thanks!
8/30/2013I love me some Jinxy !!! LP
8/29/2013RBEtard - Iron
8/29/2013Good to see you on the forum more!! PB
8/28/2013From Prowilson123 :)
8/28/2013Acula was here!
8/28/2013I love you gorgeous Jinxy!!! - MO
8/28/2013Nice ears - :) Rabid Wolf
8/27/2013New member karma - ANHEDONIC
8/27/2013Have a green to cancel the red. Texan Buckeye
8/27/2013You are so hot in cat ears! ~Spaze*Man~

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