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BunBun's Karma

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1/7/2016Hang in there, BunBun! Sent with love. LindaE
1/6/2016Nice to see you Bun Bun! Happy New Year! Be Blessed! Susie..;)
1/6/2016Hugs from I Love Panda Bears
1/5/2016You obviously don't know your scripture. Quit leading people astray.
1/5/2016Patient grasshopper, with love.
1/5/2016Baby orgasms? who the fuck thinks of that, you need help bible thumper.
1/5/2016Keep up the great work !
1/5/2016I appreciate you. :) Beso
1/5/2016God bless you abundantly! Much love, Wishin'
1/5/2016Great post!
1/5/2016Adam/Eve b4 fall make me rethink early creation in a new light, thanks
1/5/2016Thanks you for Adam and Eve Love ya GFG
1/5/2016Getting people talking about God is always a win - B@Z
1/5/2016I liked your thoughts on Adam and Eve
1/5/2016<3 -mnirickmoranis
1/5/2016Damn straight, we do. -Revbo
1/5/2016Congrats on the upgrade! : )
1/4/2016Attention whore, go away.
1/1/2016Karma Hug ~ Unikitty
12/31/2015Happy New Years! -- The Real Jack
12/30/2015Tmi too much info always too much info
12/29/2015Merry Christmas :-) ~digitalmonkey
12/29/2015Fuck off you twat, leave the religious blithering to god and fuck the fuck off! What are you? a fucking human bible? The bible is there if i want to read that shit, mind oyur own business
12/28/2015May God Bless 2016 Love GFG
12/19/2015Ty for kind words -cc
12/16/2015Prayers for your protection! Daddysgirl
12/16/2015God bless you abundantly! Much love and many prayers! Wishin'
12/16/2015Hugs, prayers, and best wishes for feeling better each day. ...nutmeg...
12/15/2015I love the Devil!
12/15/2015God bless you, BunBun! FireInCairo
12/12/2015Always way too much info
12/3/2015Green fora wonderfull flufy Bunny!
11/27/2015While you cry poor.
11/21/2015Financial issues are rough - but you are a strong woman who I can only dream to emulate one day :) - A friend
11/20/2015Hugs. I wish you the best and hope you get more hours. ScarlettOHell
11/20/20151 4 Nice Avatar LoCDoG_Ger God Bless U :)
11/20/2015God loves you *hug
11/20/2015Thanks for the post BunBun!! - Fl3xed
11/17/2015Green for a lovely Bunny! ~Snuffie.
11/15/2015I don't usually agree with you DumDum, but you nailed it in the "Can't get over ex? Advice?" thread. It's been since 2001 and I'm still empty...
11/13/2015Thanks for the prayers
11/13/2015Love to you, dear. Carol B.
11/10/2015From Ralph--a house dog
11/10/20153 for the bunnies from trumps red hat
11/7/2015Oh bunbun....congratulat​ions. i pray dor your success in Jesus name! azila_again
11/5/2015Have a great Friday
11/3/2015Hope things go well for you! nah-t
11/3/2015Love and Peace to you ~ AbNrmL x
11/2/2015Take care of yourself BunBun :) Sloane
11/2/2015The fake crazy routine, fake christian shit, fake pitiful woman act is really getting old.
11/2/2015Servo wuz heer =-)
10/30/2015Green from ofChrist
10/28/2015Love ya GFG
10/28/2015Shut up already.
10/28/20151 for rabbits
10/27/2015God Bless you
10/27/2015Hang in there!
10/26/2015God bless you and your family i will be praying for you . apaktemplar
10/26/2015Sweet dreams. pool
10/23/2015Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/23/2015Praying with and for you -Haun-
10/23/2015Pathetic hypocrite who likes to pray before people to make herself look good. You are incredibly annoying.
10/23/2015He is with you always! kelley_girl
10/23/2015Friday Green From Hawk02. Have a Great DOOM FREE WEEKEND!
10/23/2015Get off the meds before you shoot up a school you tard
10/23/2015I do not miss your smell.
10/20/2015Just wishing you well, know that there are prayers for you and yours--Bodiless
10/17/2015Off Grid Lady
10/14/2015Greenage from
10/14/2015That isn't a breed. It's a mutt.
10/14/2015Dum Dum, forget the tithe! Save your house! God has ALL the money he needs!
10/14/2015Praying for you. -Revbo
10/14/2015Said a prayer for you and yours
10/14/2015Happy Hump Day From Hawk02
10/13/2015Prayers for you and your family--it will get better!!!!--Bodiless
10/13/2015Karma filled with hugs - aqmah ^_^
10/11/2015Jesus loves you, BunBun. God bless! FireInCairo
10/11/2015Prayers for family zeldannie
10/10/2015Dionysus =)
10/7/2015Thank you bun bun.. fubarman..I feel for you lots
10/6/2015Take care. you are not crazy, just overwhelmed and tired
10/6/2015Hang in there, it will get better- Copperhead
10/6/2015Loves a pity party.
10/6/2015Green hugs from Scrump
10/6/2015Momma coop
10/6/2015For brighter days!
10/5/2015Have a great week! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/5/2015There is always light--may it shine upon you--Bodiless
10/4/2015Family prayers to you zeldannie
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