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BunBun's Karma

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7/11/2015Cool- truth seeker
7/9/2015Evil bunny demon
7/9/2015Love ya GFG
7/9/2015There is no Satan, dunbass - How old are you?... 7 or something?
7/9/2015Hi Buddy! - Lisa*LIsa
7/8/2015Great comment!
7/8/2015Go back to your asylum!
7/8/2015God bless you, BunBun. FireInCairo
7/6/2015"dont do drugs or legalize drugs" make up your mind !!
7/6/2015Ctupid Sunt
7/6/2015Hi from Ralph--a house dog
7/4/2015Drugs need to be regulated at the state level, not federal. ~sikhed
7/4/2015I like BunBuns in general, only in general.Ps I saw a Baby Bunny in my backyard today! - Isaac
7/4/2015Ooo satan, auughghhh, run front satan! yeah blame the worlds problems on satan. fucking child
7/3/2015Even though you discriminate against me when I am signed it, it hasn't gone unnoticed that you are nice to me when an a/c-nah-t
7/3/2015For the Facebook sheeple share. (Observor)
7/3/2015Cheers! maguyver
7/2/2015Just because I like you-HollyWho :)
7/2/2015Beso :)
7/2/2015Ditto. AnonymousGirl
7/1/2015Sending love your way! - Lisa*Lisa
7/1/2015Cut the cable cord!
6/29/2015Green hugs from Vala :-)
6/28/2015Prayer warrior! jdb
6/28/2015Thx. strongman shelford
6/27/2015Happy weekend! -OhioLNC
6/26/2015Hijack a fucking gay rights thread with your fucking life story shut the fuck up!!!##
6/26/20155 -Christian Light
6/26/2015Love GFG
6/26/2015You need to stfu.
6/26/2015Nerve03- good point.
6/26/2015Cuz Moochelle is a tranny, right? Good one - The Uncle
6/26/2015Good response on the Supremes! LindaE
6/26/2015Amen. -Revbo
6/26/2015HEY DUMDUM? Learn to use proper punctuation... When posing a question, use this: "?"
6/25/2015Thank you so very much for your condolences! TrustNoOneKS
6/25/2015THanks,,however I think it is real....grumpier
6/23/2015I apologize kindly, The Awakened One
6/23/2015What a cunt. It's not the fault of the kids that you two are assholes.
6/22/2015I wish you all the best. Matjaz
6/22/2015Take your animals and go! God bless
6/22/2015Demons are manipulating you.
6/22/2015Hang in there BunBun... Desert Gypsy
6/22/2015Raped in heaven? STFU Teller of Truths
6/22/2015Love Ellusion :)
6/22/2015For wisdom <3 Turtles
6/21/2015Im on antipycohtics too the equalizer
6/18/2015For loving animals-
6/17/2015Sorry for you lost babies. Been there too. MoS
6/15/2015"New" dinosaur input. Agreed ~FarMore
6/15/2015McCarthy thread. Sinclair remark. Keats
6/15/2015Fuck you too
6/15/2015I like you and your posts -brokenhalo
6/15/2015You are so dumb
6/15/2015Fighting the good fight
6/14/2015Good posts Bun Bun, Diener.
6/13/2015Do you ever shut up?
6/12/2015Perspective Jellee
6/12/2015For not being a ho :) eekers
6/12/2015Arrogant idiot.
6/11/2015God want this, satan want thatt and what does Harry Potter wants ?
6/11/2015Love GFG
6/10/2015Copperhead was here.
6/10/2015You, I won't bite! Rocket!
6/10/2015Even though we don't always agree, I'm returning the green. Cheers! Zip50
6/9/2015That 70;s thread....fromthefutu​re
6/9/2015Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Sarah Zoowatcher
6/9/2015Good thread, God bless... FireInCairo
6/9/2015Volunteer can be a career. pool
6/8/2015BunBun? More like DumbDumb.
6/8/2015Buddy list karma time! - Lisa*Lisa :):)
6/8/2015Maybe you should spend more time caring about your messed up family instead of those religinutter Duggars!
6/8/2015Agree with you on the Duggars. SouthernLady
6/8/2015For truth
6/6/2015Your posts are great. ~FarMore
6/5/2015Great post! ~ShillShank
6/5/2015Green for a fluffy bunny <3 Peace and happiness to you and yours as well! ~Snuffie.
6/4/2015Jesus is the answer. Mountainman15
6/4/2015You are brainwashed
6/3/2015Touching thread~sick&twist~
6/3/2015Do what's best for the TWO of you! Love LindaE
6/3/2015I understand how you feel.
6/3/2015Judgment, yes
6/3/2015Layoff green - thetoolman
6/3/2015Hump Day Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
6/3/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
6/3/2015Thanks for posting about Disney, shame on them.
5/31/2015Good advice
5/30/2015Keep up the good fight: Chillin
5/28/2015Clueless retard
5/28/2015You're prejudiced
5/27/2015Truth, and thank you for your kind words :) -bh
5/26/2015I agree... soon, very soon, and I'm really glad for that! Praise Him!
5/26/2015Synagogue of Satan
5/25/2015For your comment about the Lord Jesus Christ
5/24/2015Good thread, five stars!!
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