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BunBun's Karma

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9/1/2014Love and Prayers to you~Lionels Love
8/28/2014Hi my friend :) ~TH
8/28/2014You are pure evil
8/26/2014Religion obsessed schizophrenic has long winded conversations back and forth with God about daily details
8/10/2014Get your nut job babbling ass outa here
8/10/2014For speaking Truth
8/9/2014For your wonderful prayer!
8/9/2014Kitty Love ...Lionels Love
8/6/2014You contribute nothing here. In fact, you sick dick.
8/4/2014Grow up religitard. Invisible friends are for 5 year olds.
8/4/2014Hi BunBun :) hugs, eekers
8/2/2014I agree Bun ....shinbone
7/30/2014Love peace and green kindness ...Lionels Love
7/26/2014I feel embarassed for you. Do the world a favor and just stop breathing, ok?
7/23/20142 cent raise. E.
7/22/2014Jesus is ashamed of you
7/22/2014God Bless---Tripleh23
7/21/2014O. s.
7/21/2014Once again, F U
7/20/2014Great Truth
7/20/2014Useless fuck
7/19/2014"the rich can reach further to do more damage faster." idiot
7/19/2014Evil closet MB supporter-enemy of Israel and peace
7/19/2014Keep your preaching out of the NEWS thread
7/19/2014Beyond stupid...only difference between God and YOU is that God doesn't want to be YOU!
7/19/2014Green hello- Etta
7/19/2014The higher up one goes, the more warped one's mind is.
7/18/2014That's what I was thinking - at least one or two years old.
7/18/2014For being extremely rude, hateful towards men, and not practicing what you preach
7/18/2014Punch a rabbit in the face
7/18/2014Jesus has a vagina
7/17/2014I like him too ! He does have good stories-AlphaB
7/17/2014You fucking suck so much... no you dont get it, seriously I fucking hate you so much....fuck you right in the pusssy you fucking harlot tramp. god i hate you
7/17/2014Because you are an ass and I don't like you
7/17/2014You really are fucking ridiculous. Keep that hatred in check woman.
7/17/2014Not Knot Knotty Naught Naughty Nah-T
7/16/2014Hi BunBun! Love, eekers
7/15/2014Jesus hates electricity
7/13/2014Hope things get better soon!
7/13/2014Stop taking the meds you are on
7/13/2014Weekly green. Occasionally Swears.
7/11/2014Lazy turd sucking on the system. keep your job.
7/11/2014You're a stupid demon worshipping moron. You just can't comprehend the significane of eastern ways
7/11/2014Ignorant about yoga
7/11/2014Pinned=love pooch
7/10/2014Have a happy - Kirk
7/10/2014Happy Birthday! Love Ellusion :)
7/10/2014Happy Birthday! Hawk02
7/10/2014HappyBirthday) M1
7/10/2014Did you really tell us about your "retarded" son humping his bed? I did not need to know this
7/10/2014Back at you, cunt face.
7/9/2014You dont have to post you can just read and keep quite
7/9/2014You're batshit crazy.
7/9/2014You're a psychotic fucking freak.
7/9/2014Love and peace to you ..Lionels L8ve
7/9/2014Bunny likes to teabag
7/9/2014I will never forget you came from rancid meat!
7/8/2014Too much information. Less is more.
7/8/2014Tuesday Green! - ItsMaKa2
7/8/2014Oddball. talking about fucking various men while married and jesus, all in the same post.
7/8/2014For your bravery. Praying for your healing. FK
7/3/2014Dumb shit
7/3/2014You give off bad energy.
7/3/2014A little off-topic and psycho on the 'parents of estranged children' thread. Take a deep breath?
7/3/2014You are a piece of shit.
7/2/2014Fuukk u
7/2/2014Fuck off Bibletard
7/2/2014Fight the good fight ;)
7/1/2014Thank you!! - baroness
7/1/2014Love Ellusion :)
6/30/2014Hang in there bun bun.
6/29/2014I hope you find some relief soon from that which afflicts you.
6/29/2014Pray for me.
6/29/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/29/2014Be of good cheer, He overcame the world for us. Ms.Superduper. God bless.
6/29/2014Drama queen attention whore
6/29/2014Jesus annoints your granny's crotch.
6/27/2014Poo-poo head
6/27/2014For the genderless thread i don't think people realize how serious this is. <melrox>
6/27/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/27/2014Great find! This is important and will become significant in the future.
6/27/2014You are such a hateful bitch, then profess your Christianity. How ironic.
6/27/2014Thank you bunbun for sharing
6/27/2014You are SUCH a gullible idiot ..damn
6/26/2014Marxist shit for brains hypocrite feminazi scum
6/24/2014God loves herb
6/22/2014Shut up you ignorant cunt
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