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6/20/2014Dumb bitch, no surprise there
6/18/2014Take care. Traverse
6/16/2014Waited many hours to return this. (Occasionally Swears)
6/14/2014Being schizo isnt talking to god but still cool story
6/13/2014Fuck off you homophobic ass
6/13/2014Judgemental christ-tard
6/13/2014Gay thread generated alot of gay hate...Lionels Love
6/13/2014From a Fag
6/13/2014Hatred is also a SIN
6/13/2014Great poll and thread on sodomy. beeches
6/13/2014You have inner strenth that will be there, ask for it.
6/11/2014Like your comment-astral goat
6/9/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/8/2014Enlightening input from a different angle
6/8/2014Negative nancy
6/7/2014Green for creedence song choice....murdoch :-)
6/7/2014Sorry you get so much red. Drive by green karma! Have a great weekend!-TheEndIsNigh​2013
6/7/2014Because ur kind. digital monkey
6/6/2014Thank you Bun Bun for your kindness, this is the Spiritual Battle I know Jesus said we would be up agaisnt...Susie..:)
6/6/2014Self righteous do gooder needs to take up preaching elsewhere
6/6/2014Ghetto whore monicer, don't expect to be taken serious
6/5/2014From Superduper
6/5/2014Loves Jesus weiner between the bunbuns
6/4/2014Unbelievable fucking idiot.
6/4/2014Good luck to you. it's going to be a long road ahead. Traverse
6/3/2014I was so happy to read what you wrote on the Poster about Hell thread - you also speak the truth. beeches
6/3/2014Green hugs! ChiaPet
6/1/2014For you
6/1/2014"You should really stop judging me". Oh, the irony of that statement...
6/1/2014Same problem
6/1/2014For stopping smoking - lightchild_uk
6/1/2014If you are seeing things you need to get your head checked...
5/31/2014For your thoughts on the unborn child thread ~tell me lies
5/31/2014Stupid bibletard. Go preach your hell and damnation on a religious site. Oh, and suck a bag of dicks too.
5/31/2014Love GFG
5/31/2014Karma for you, DREAM MAKER :)
5/30/2014Men in the Ladies Room? WTF ! Pervert
5/30/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
5/30/2014Nice deflection from the Jesus attack. ~Thistle
5/30/2014Green Hugs - Nemamiah
5/30/2014You are really dumb, obviously educated in government schools. Do you know English?
5/27/2014Stupid brain-damaged christian
5/26/2014You got a lot of hate for being Christian.. Here is some green. -Kalona
5/26/2014From ~ The Black Rose Witch ---<---<@
5/26/2014Good answer to the bj poll
5/26/2014It is not the 1500s. Women and men BOTH enjoy oral sex and there isn't a stigma to it. Who the hell would want to marry someone that doesn't? Missionary only, right?
5/26/2014I wish i could unsee the things you type
5/26/2014Must be a single fatty
5/25/2014This green won't cover your roof, but it's something - limeregime
5/24/2014For honesty snowblind
5/22/2014Prayers for you - hope you get the
5/20/2014Don't eat foods knowingly sacrificed to idols.
5/19/2014Such self-righteous certainty does not bode well for your kind when we do meet our Creator
5/19/2014Jesus has stanky taint
5/18/2014Totally nutz
5/18/2014Thank you... bitch
5/18/2014Abortion is murder
5/17/2014Goddamnit I just... fucking hate you.
5/17/2014Karma time buddy 1r-15-nut
5/16/2014Christians are the ones that spread HATE...particularly YOU
5/15/2014All in good fun - Bright Side
5/13/2014Terrible advice
5/11/2014"You married a bitch" You deserved the greed for that one
5/10/2014Dumb cunt
5/9/2014Thank you nice person
5/9/2014Aloha bun bun- seer
5/6/2014Die to get with jeebus faster, you turd.
4/21/2014So did you put an easter egg up your bunghole?
4/19/2014Schizo parasite
4/13/2014For your honesty
4/13/2014That's a lot of Red! GeoStorm
4/11/2014"but torture is really evil" ... thats why the CHRISTIAN GOD commanded the slaughter and torture of non-believers.. Also, the inquisition. all christian doings..
4/11/2014Bless you, the quite one
4/2/2014Ahahahaa. Loved your post on 5-yr.old.prayer thread. Ms.Superduper
3/31/2014You admit you are a christard biggot. biggot=but faggot. You're fucked in the head because your daddy hit you lol!!! hope you get hit again soon.
3/26/2014Evil shapeshifting bunny demon
3/26/2014You suck the demon cock
3/25/2014No god
3/22/2014Go kill yourself religiontard. Seriously, so you can be with your "god" faster. He'll buttrape your soul for eternity.
3/22/2014For the encouragement you gave the AC ~Bright Side
3/17/2014How does someone as dumb as you manage to survive?
3/13/2014Self admitted homosexual with a nasty fetish
3/9/2014Everything's Alright.
3/7/2014Dimmer than an elephant turd
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