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6/23/2020Truth! (re tucson cv19)
6/23/2020Tucson is apparently 98% snowflake. Glad I live in the county. But we're screwed here too. :-(
6/5/2020For taking up for the old man
6/5/2020Good, common sense post. Nine's
6/3/2020People think the virus just floats around in the air. Chemtrails is just too much for their tiny brains-Penny Peppers
5/23/2020Green for thee, Darkman
5/6/2020Stupid cunt
4/24/2020Hello friend, Darkman
4/20/2020Green from Gonviral
4/19/2020Red is the new black
4/18/2020From mk
4/15/2020Patriot green, Darkman
4/15/2020Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/15/2020Agenda in a thread for prayers.. Classy....
4/15/2020I never give red, but this is such an insensitive post. No matter your beliefs, it is neither the time or the place for this.
4/10/2020Denial is a river in Egypt
4/10/2020Amazing shill activity on your thread. WOW~ Ann Harper
4/2/2020Stupid cunt
4/2/2020Don’t spew your stupidness, hide it
4/2/2020If President Trump singlehandedly saved your little baby from drowning you would still hate his guts. You are pathetic.
4/2/2020The TDS Is STRONG In This Cunt!!!
4/2/2020You are going off the deep end.
4/2/2020You are so very wrong and stupid. Just wait and see the greatness of the man.
4/2/2020"NO ONE IS DYING OF CORONAVIRUS" - You're Fucking Insane!
4/2/2020Hurr Hurr Hurr
4/2/2020Dumb ass...
4/2/2020Calling out the big fat virus hoax ~thinking...
4/2/2020Your a satanist
4/1/2020Stupid asshole who hates america. change your fucking username
4/1/2020Is that an April Fool's joke?
4/1/2020And you are a brainwashed, ignorant sheep
4/1/2020Turn your caps lock off, you dumb cunt
4/1/2020Wow you are crazy
3/19/2020Order a pizza! ~thinking...
3/19/2020I admire your courage to speak up against the virus fearmongers. I agree with you, for what it's worth. ~ Renaissance Woman
3/11/2020You get it about quarantine whereas most on GLP are spreading their cheeks waiting for a government hump
3/7/2020Quite possibly mentally retarded; definitely an idiot
2/12/2020Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
2/3/2020Chemtrail post! Wildthing3
1/20/2020Green for recent comments! ~Scorpionica
10/25/2019What is EMNEMT???? Come on! LMAO AverageAmericanPatrio​t
8/15/2019<3 cats
8/15/2019For the memory of your kitty. Ayr :)
11/17/2018I like your spirit, girl! For your Wwake da fuck up comment - Corosive
11/6/2018Limo thread, you were right
10/10/2018No one died in the limo hoax
10/9/2018Limo thread, get real.
10/14/2017Hopefully a DOOM free weekend for once--UseLessRepEATER​
10/3/2017Right on ~~sseess
10/2/2017Patriotic memes! Salute! X1811
10/2/2017You’re an idiot.
10/2/2017"Goooooood morning Greeniet Nam!" - Mike Ehrmantraut
10/2/2017Hoax tard. Russia pay you?
10/2/201710/02/2017 06:21 am
9/11/2017Green - grove street
9/10/2017"I feel the need... The need for green!" - Mike Ehrmantraut
9/10/2017Enabling faggotry
8/18/2017Just because - from Oldwhiteguy
7/19/2017Thx 4 making sense of how I'm feeling about shooting
7/19/2017Pro muslim traitor
7/18/2017For laughing at people that just lost their beloved family member. Do you have a heart?
5/24/2017Yes both kids and adults died at sandyhook you douchebag
5/23/2017Simple Green from UseLessRepEATER
4/14/2017Nice! I love the way you think. ~SpiritWarrior
4/6/2017Another crybaby shows her face
4/6/2017The Original Mind
3/24/2017Flat-tards get red
3/19/2017This seems like a terrible idea. Right back at you!
3/9/2017Mike Ehrmantraut was here, and he told that McMurphy guy to give it a rest for a while.
3/4/2017Hello from UseLessRepEATER!
2/20/2017From the artist formally known as McMurphy
2/15/2017Something fishy about this one
2/10/2017Dace wuz hear
1/14/2017Good answer
12/26/2016Merry Christmas! = McMurpy
12/17/2016Lol..I agree Mooch needs to be publicly outed as a man.. :) ..Lilopin
12/16/2016Cute avatar -TT
12/14/2016Squirrel green frum Dace =-)
11/30/2016Idiot ac's! Esoterica
11/29/2016You think as your told to think, your game is nothing new shill.
11/29/2016Green for you! I like the way you think! ~SpiritWarrior
11/25/2016Well said. -Revbo
11/24/2016Re-programming statement. ~sikhed
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