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Tampa Heather's Karma

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9/19/2014Hi hun!! eekers
9/16/2014Go to an AA meeting your a drunk!
9/16/2014For the love of learning!!
9/16/2014Nice thread
9/16/2014I sort of like you but I think you have too much wine, try a STRICT limit of 2 24oz. malt liquor 8.5% - you're welcome :/
9/16/2014Namaste. C.
9/16/2014For talking to your idiotic, narcissistic self. Stalker flake.
9/15/2014I dont use anonymous red karma to say whats on my mind 66
9/15/2014You need to chill the hell out
9/15/2014Thank you for your advice! :) AnonymousGirl
9/14/2014Please let us know if you need further test subjectsfor your semen research. If it's in the name of science I'm sure we can help out. - Cookie :P
9/13/2014Green for a wonderful and beautiful Heather. ~Snuffie
9/13/2014Karma dose ~ A r c
9/12/2014Hi Heather Autumn here have a great week end
9/12/2014Have a great weekend sweetheart! nahkers :)
9/11/2014Green for ya! Littlebird
9/11/2014Good thread! - Integrity101
9/11/2014Thanks and some green back your way....m2c
9/11/2014Solar green - whiteangel
9/11/2014Crazy as a loon and jumps to conclusions too. stay away from this nutter.
9/11/2014Batshit crazy and a stalker to boot! Look the fuck out!
9/10/2014Thanx TH :) -- Rantprone
9/9/2014Green From Base12
9/9/2014You're a good person, my dear. <3 Doomish
9/8/2014Look forward to conversing once I set my account up again, much love and respect-shad
9/8/2014Cool that you made yourself an artworking area! Me too <3 Vision Thing
9/8/2014I'll play nice, but don't forget - I've held lightning in my hands....
9/8/2014Restful sleep
9/7/2014Wishing U zzzzzzzzzzzz
9/7/2014For your many excellent posts --sungaze
9/7/2014Thanks for all your imput love ya GFG
9/6/2014Unique Skull Questions of OP. TastyThoughts
9/6/2014"interpreting" data she clearly can't comprehend
9/6/2014Tampon Heathen - loudmouth crazy birch
9/5/2014Hey ya, sistren....love-love,​ cosmicgypsy
9/5/2014Green from Drunk Uncle
9/5/2014Have a better day today and a GREAT weekend too -S'Killer
9/5/2014Stop trying so hard.
9/4/2014Virgos are down to earth and rock!!!!Thanks...Tazz​y
9/4/2014Hello :) Happy Almost Friday! AnonymousGirl
9/4/2014Trust your self - you are OK.
9/4/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/4/2014Fishy tampon
9/4/2014Hi tampa finley
9/4/2014A r c
9/4/2014Big-ups TH! Thx for the karma : ]
9/3/2014Love you too Sistah! Isis One
9/3/2014Fun thread- seer
9/3/2014Could you be any more full of shit? omg you whore.
9/3/2014Love you too starsister! Littlebird
9/3/2014LOL, respect "dr" asstroll?- GhostofAndrewJackson
9/3/2014For your bizarre fixation with me and your unwanted bizarre PM's to me. Knock it off. -Astro
9/3/2014Wrath O' Luna
9/3/2014Tinfoil Couture
9/3/2014Gonna catch you in the big dog net and do you big doggie style
9/3/2014Quit talking, you make yourself look stupid.
9/3/2014The thread was pinned for the video someone else posted. Not because your narcissim adds to the thread. Get over yourself.
9/2/2014Tampa Retard
9/2/2014For spewing the usual utter B.S.,
9/2/2014I'm rh neg, am I doomed?-TheEndIsNigh2​013
9/2/2014Base12 Was Here
9/2/2014Go the fuck away, you stupid cunt
9/1/2014Good thought provoking posting-AD(shad)
9/1/2014Thanks - Ohwell
8/30/2014Squidge! You've been heart hugged by Ele xx
8/29/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/29/2014Trying to play psychic games with people under enormous pressure is just fucked up! Find Jesus and quick
8/28/2014Mr C
8/28/2014You have a big soul. God bless you =) Inerrancia
8/28/2014Because I can't figure you out - Setheory
8/28/2014ShillShank Reduction wuz here
8/28/2014For your awesome explanation of strange occurrence in the Schumann Resonance thread! TrustNoOneKS
8/27/2014This is what it's all about! aHEMagain
8/27/2014Appreciation drop-by xxxK
8/27/2014Lol for your inability to not add your input! LOVE IT! -TruthNow88
8/27/2014Love GFG
8/27/2014Solar Guardian here. May I have a green karma point? :)
8/27/2014Thx! green back at ya ~ Wubbo
8/26/2014I'm kind of a lost soul tonight my friend. Sorry I couldn't be of more help/insight. Much love & respect to you! ~ Simple27 : )
8/26/2014For always going past full retard.
8/25/2014Hello darling! nahkers :)
8/24/2014We are speaking about the same thing. ~A F-D
8/23/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/23/2014My Jedi sis ~ A r c
8/23/2014Autumn: )
8/22/2014Love you, too!!! KarinZa :)
8/22/2014Love you, too, Heather. Thanks for being an angel.-hugh/General C-Chord
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