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Bottom Bitch's Karma

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8/7/2021Bullshit opinion
6/12/2021Fuck off snowflake, liberalism is what is wrong with this country
9/26/2019Libtard dummy
12/8/2018For the Dirty Sanchez avatar. Is that you after making sweet luv with your chocolate bun buddy?
11/30/2018This red joins the sea of red
11/30/2018Another delusional libtard
11/30/2018The responses here prove the study’s
11/30/2018You are a Superfaggot armed with loaded dildos
11/30/2018Womp womp
11/30/2018I looooothe everthing che
11/30/2018The only thing keeping your ass tight enough for your boyfriend's dick are all the hemmorhoids and scabs from his poking around in there. I bet you get a good taste of blood and feces after you g
11/30/2018U R a human weed.
11/29/2018Gey Chevara.
11/29/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/29/2018Brainwashed is no way to go through life
11/29/2018A new study says you suck dick
11/29/2018More red karma for you, you little cocksucking AntiFAG
11/29/2018Che Guevara was a pedophile like you.
11/28/2018I hate communist
11/28/2018Eat shit ya commie
11/28/2018Another egalitarian humanist with his nose in the air and his brain in the gutter. Lefty revolutionaries always prove themselves to be closet aristocunts. Shallow ass.
11/27/2018Loser Troll Loser Troll Loser Troll Loser Troll Loser Troll Loser Troll Loser Troll
11/27/2018Che hated black people, thought they were monkeys. Hahahahaha
11/27/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/27/2018I would feel sorry for you, but that's a good waste of an emotion. Please move to a true socialist country and stop using our freedoms. -- CleverCreator
11/27/2018Go fuck yourself and get the fuck out if the USA you rotten cunt mother fucker
11/26/2018Fucking belt
11/26/2018You deserve green karmas
11/26/2018Unarmed faggot strikes again...LMAO!
11/26/2018Can you ban mockers, such as this poster, from mocking GLP ?
11/26/2018Cheap shots don't make a good post
11/26/2018Fuck you bitch
11/26/2018Commie fag
11/26/2018Srsly stop drinking MSM B.S. k? thanks.
11/26/2018Fuck off faggot
11/26/2018Communism was outlawed by Congress in 1954.
11/26/2018Lost, and pathetic
11/26/2018Idiot, pres trump was avoiding a 'hit' not the rain!
11/26/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/26/2018Trump bump :)
11/26/2018Maga Che
11/26/2018OH-BUNG-HOLE is your leader and you love bad news against your own country.
11/26/2018Green 4 the entertainment lol
11/26/2018Why is this idiot allowed to troll here?
11/26/2018Communist Fuck You Are...
11/26/2018Faggot commie. I can't wait for you to die.
11/26/2018Their thread is celebrating the loss of jobs in America.
11/26/2018You got serious mental issues douchebag
11/26/2018May you share the same fate as Che!
11/26/2018Cum guzzler
11/26/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/26/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/26/2018Has a racist, homophobe and mass murderer as avatar.
11/26/2018I know you like it, but I can't help myself.
11/25/2018Yet even more red. On pace to max it out, "loser".
11/25/2018More red for a “useful idiotâ€. Look it up, you are indeed one
11/25/2018More red
11/25/2018Shit colored half breed mutt cali faggot is what you are
11/25/2018Traitor to America
11/25/2018Problem with Fascism is Corporate Sponsorship and Control over Government
11/25/2018Idiot Alert !
11/24/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/24/2018Promotes violence
11/23/2018Bend up and huff my anal vapor. YOUR FACE IS MY TOILET PAPER.
11/23/2018Stop sending me dick pics nephew. i told you, I'm not like your Dad. - Uncle Fred
11/23/2018If you're going to call capitalism 'fascism' - at least stop citing data from post-depression Rosevelt socialism, IDIOT!
11/23/2018Complete idiot
11/23/2018Sorry about your micropenis. i hear fags like them. you should try that
11/23/2018Total loser. You are unarmed. Airsoft does not count.
11/23/2018Now Now!
11/23/2018You are a brain damaged libtard
11/23/2018Cause you want it. You really really want it.
11/23/2018Dumb Fuck!!
11/21/2018For making a thread about you having sex with some poor horse in Florida. Typical Humanist.
11/20/2018You're too retarded to even be an FBI honeypot for ANTIFA. But at least you're trying!
11/20/2018More anti-Trump bullshit. You liberal loonies are delusional.
11/20/2018Post doesn’t make sense
11/20/2018Childish posts. how old are you? 10?
11/20/2018October 9, 1967 - GTB
11/20/2018Another nasty post and your avatar is a mass murderer. be gone!
11/20/2018You're basically the NAZI, shithead. I hope you choke on your dad's cock neck time he's gagging you for a quick hate fuck.
11/20/2018Red DEAD Redemption. Read between the lines commie
11/20/2018Future dead commie
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