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Peace4allmankind's Karma

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9/14/2020Good eye
8/19/2015Oops wrong person i guess, sorry for the negative karma. Here is a positive karma.
8/15/2015From Ralph--a house dog
1/5/2015Vela. TastyThoughts
11/25/2014Green from TrashTrawler
10/5/2014My god, you are an asshole
9/10/2014Whoohooo i work with insurances also!!! Desk Jockeys for life!! T-man
8/5/2014Green, green ~ancha
7/30/2014Good point
7/19/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
6/27/2014Jesus is a pinecone.
6/26/2014A heartshaped spiked collar? What kind of a sick fuck are you???
3/1/2014Because you're an idiot
2/21/2014Jesus crap
2/20/2014Crack smoking foolâ¦again
1/18/2014Smart parent :)
1/11/2014Crack smoking fool
1/10/2014Vibrator tard
1/4/2014192 is also the musical note "g"
1/3/2014Similar to symptoms of eagle die-off. Check it out.
12/15/2013Back at ya
11/23/2013<3 ap girl !
11/20/2013Go with the flow
11/19/2013Thanks! I'll let you know! -DeaLiminis
11/14/2013"Because if you can't honor ur man who is in flesh how u gonna honor God?"
11/11/2013U b racis
11/11/2013Doesn't look like a torch to me..thanks those patches are always "revealing" - The Brave
11/9/2013Like you said: "keep your offensive comments to yourself" Practice what you preach!
11/8/2013YOU disgust me!
11/8/2013Agreed. sick of it but not enough to cancel. ricky retardo
11/8/2013Oh boohoo
11/8/2013I'm with ya about the racial crap. Shouldn't that be transparent on the 'net?? ~Fret Wiz
11/8/2013STFU you silly cunt
11/8/2013You're obviously new here
11/4/2013Green gene
10/30/2013Hello and random karma from NY. I hope all is well in PA.--thewaywewere
10/17/2013Telling the truth!
10/11/2013Don't talk about the radar

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