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Dirtyboy's Karma

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6/28/2019Just spreading the green between like minded individuals before it expires. Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
8/3/2018Good point of view
4/11/2018USPS is;t goin broke, they are prefund retirement for it to be approiated by congress once they add the po to budget. @trap ~totc,bd
9/29/2017Think beyond impossible.
11/28/2016Great post, Americans Aged 18-40 thread----Terrebonne
2/9/2016Chanta :)
12/15/2015Must "have"
2/18/2015Wise words in my losing faith post, thanks! -Blueridge
2/6/2015Random green - stinkbug
1/23/2015Your thoughts on addiction. Schnipo.
11/22/2014Nice post, Terrebonne
11/15/2014Putin statement. they are all the same really
11/10/2014Pointing out the obvious, becasue it escapes many. TastyThoughts
11/10/2014Much love ~TML
11/6/2014Thank you. water
10/12/2014Have not forgotten your help when I first joined. MySaul
9/29/2014Wishing you many more to come :) Sloane
9/27/2014Long life was a privilege of wealth. I agree, good post--- train
9/24/2014Yes, the French Revolution - GULLOTINE! Black Knight
9/20/2014Always enjoy seeing your posts -Steamrolled
9/18/2014Awesome standpoint on God ~Gigolo Jesus
9/18/2014Openminded comment
9/17/2014Well said.
8/4/2014Cool comment! T-man
7/21/2014I always like your posts very wise -SteamrolledGobias
7/17/2014Awesome and sound post - Bongo7
7/7/2014For your comment in the Coming to a City Near You thread. hannah
6/6/2014"There are really way too many people without moral principals or respect for others."
5/28/2014Humans should live in tribes! ~Everything's Alright.
4/24/2014Your pride is why you have no family
4/24/2014BS that MOST on assistance buy lobster. Perhaps some - but most means over 50% and we both know that is COMPLETE Bs
4/23/2014Thanks! Evil M.
4/1/2014If he is smoking weed he will at some point go back to meth
3/22/2014Excellent post on Hiv!! ~ showgirls1980
3/8/2014Good advice
2/25/2014Karma is a bitch
2/22/2014Morning DB. -- Munsoned
1/14/2014Level-headed posts - ANHEDONIC
1/7/2014People with ADHD unite!
1/3/2014Bad weekly karma for everyweek of 2014 - karma assassin
1/3/2014Thanks for posting in my thread, lol - OFU who cares lol
1/2/2014After New Year Karma from Be well
12/26/2013Absolutely right. You should see the standards of living 80+ years of soviet rule did to them...permanent dysfunction and survivalism - DP
12/26/2013Golfcarts are fun!
12/25/2013Thanks - NK
12/24/2013I don't believe in Chemtrails.
12/24/2013Peace and love, glad you were able to vent <3 krystle ann
12/22/2013Good answer
12/19/2013I like your posting style! Carol B.
12/13/2013Logical thinking - Rogue Messenger
12/12/2013Green for you comment on Russia - hindsight2020
12/5/2013Thanks for the help-Evan
12/3/2013Sorry for the argument with the jerk- etta
12/3/2013Don't let the RED hurt you - it takes awhile for GLP to accept you. I Like you. -- Diluted
11/25/2013It wil go very bad - Chriton
11/24/2013Stupid boy
11/24/2013For some really great posts....davvi
11/23/2013Im the same re:ritalin.
11/21/2013Good point - t-man
11/21/2013Great feedback in ST econ thread good stuff -SteamrolledGobias
11/15/2013Your post in The anti-smoking conspiracy
11/11/2013Excellent advice
11/11/2013Number play....not giving up....grumpier
11/11/2013Dylexics unite!
11/4/2013Welcome to GLP. Hope you like your stay :)) --TheWayWeWere
11/4/2013Nice post on the growing food thread.
11/2/2013Ethics....what is that you say? - deathpossum
11/1/2013Everything in moderation; your post is true in "digital dementia"
10/31/2013Fucking douchebag!
10/31/2013Honestly it wasn't his fault.
10/30/2013Good post
10/28/2013Holding your own peacefully
10/17/2013Useful idiot
10/17/2013Wake up or get out
10/11/2013Aluminum hat won't work - has to be TIN foil - Geo777 ; )

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