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Jaleel's Karma

Total: 21 (21  User Votes) and 19

11/18/2013May your face be slapped by a thousand SHIT SLATHERED camel dicks!
11/17/2013Rep!n asdhuashdaid JEWS
11/13/2013Overheating computer karma - hindsight2020
11/10/2013Paige is a man you idiot
11/9/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/9/2013Thank you ! - ap girl !
11/9/2013Love, Bananael
11/9/2013Crio :D
11/9/2013Ok you first SienceRocket +1
11/8/2013May a thousand flees lay eggs in your crotch on a deserted island with no relief in sight
11/8/2013Pulling a knife on your mum? get some he
11/5/2013Have some green new buddy! nah :)
11/4/2013Nice avatar :-) trailingedge
11/4/2013May your face be slapped by a thousand poopy camel dicks!
11/4/2013Unique post
11/4/2013Ugly mesxi
11/3/2013Hi Yankee.
11/2/2013Blue Lagoon!
11/2/2013Because I can!! ⣠Little Miss Sunshineâ£
11/1/2013For not caring ~ Odd John
10/31/2013You seems nice
10/31/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/30/2013You drank jizz in the boot camp stall. Don't hide that you are a sodomite
10/30/2013Thanks! Paige :)
10/30/2013Welcome to GLP. I hope you like your stay. :))) Thewaywewere
10/29/2013Ugly mofo fudge packer
10/27/2013Gross avatar. Please make it stop
10/27/2013Video sucks
10/27/2013Haaiirrrry legs! Geo777
10/27/2013Eeewww! Hairy legs
10/25/2013Thanks for posting! ~ Bizarre Verewolf
10/23/2013Out of this world -AG
10/19/2013Mt dew makes ya dick small

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