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Halcyon Dayz, FCD's Karma

Total: 686 (600  User Votes + 86  Thread Reports) and 230

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3/30/2015Up1. R420
3/29/2015Astral goat
3/27/20151up - hydra
3/24/2015Taking dealing with wooly thinking to a fine art :) K Hall
3/20/2015Negativity nancy
3/19/2015Poor deluded fool...
3/16/2015Up1. R420
3/15/2015Total nasa shill
3/13/2015Moon robots LOL
3/9/2015Fucktard of the highest degree
3/8/2015Great info
3/6/2015From: Bodhisatta
3/5/2015One of the best at GLP
3/3/2015NASA shill
3/2/2015Quit pretending to be so smart.
3/2/2015Great APOD thanks - K Hall
3/1/2015Fucking dumbshit!
3/1/2015Just STFU would you
2/28/2015Up1. R420
2/28/2015"....demographic of gullible morons...." comment - Dante_Friendo
2/25/2015Keep up calling out the idiots
2/24/2015What a bitch
2/22/2015I agree, you are a shill! asshole!
2/17/2015Up1. R420
2/12/2015Good information thanks :) K Hall
1/5/2015Up 1. Happy Holidays. R420
12/30/2014Gov shill
12/30/2014Astral goat (u know why :)_
12/29/20141up - hydra
12/27/2014Ugly annoying thing
12/16/2014For dealing with the nuts in that thread -astral goat
12/15/2014Good post to DGN!
12/13/2014Pinball Wizard covers you with the scent of his Victory Perfume, may all your battles be victorious!
12/9/2014Nicce answer .. =)
11/27/2014Douchebag evolutiontard
11/25/2014Entertaining debunker :) K Hall
11/25/2014For "That's what perturber means" - phoomp
11/24/2014Just gott say, you 100 buck bet is almost useless, because you wouldnt deem any evidence of anything credible if you have money riding on it. Prove me wrong.
11/23/20141up - hy
11/22/2014Up1. Good to see you're still around. R420
11/19/2014Dick - 74444
11/18/2014Black idiot
11/15/20141up - hydra
11/12/2014Apollo - 74444
11/12/2014Reported Abusive Post
11/12/2014Reported Abusive Post
11/6/20141up- Setheory
10/24/2014Up1. Reality420
10/2/2014Up1. Appreciate sanity. R420
9/25/2014Fighting the moon landing hoax tards - hydra
9/22/2014Apollo - 74444
9/21/2014Plus 1 - Karlos
9/20/2014Happy weekend! Ele xx
9/10/2014Up1 for an evolved hominidae. R420.
9/6/2014Green thumb - Karlos
9/1/2014Up1 for Hal. Reality420
8/27/2014Tireless "Apollo hoax" debunker :) K Hall
8/25/2014Setheory was here....
8/21/2014Up1 for the only sane person from the Netherlands posting here. Reality420
8/4/2014Green for the good fight - Setheory
8/1/2014Up1 for FCD. Reality420
7/27/20141 - Veritas
7/25/2014Retarded POS
7/24/2014Considering IDWs last ten years - LOL - 74444
7/22/2014Methodical debunker : K Hall
7/22/2014We meet again! i love moon theory threads - strudol
7/19/2014From gg!
7/19/2014D into (___*___) stupid fag
7/18/2014Up1. Good to see you. R420
7/11/2014Annoying. -.-
7/11/20141up - H
7/11/2014A trifecta of stupid....lol! Ele x
7/11/2014Thumbs up! -astral goat :)
7/9/2014Urgh. Antagonistic creationists. - Kai
7/6/2014Up1. Hoaxie Hammer. R420
7/5/2014Obvious troll
7/4/2014A Plus!!!
6/24/2014Up1. R420
6/21/2014Dead Armadillo - 74444
6/16/2014Ele :)
6/10/2014I Love You Halcyon Dayz!!! In A Normal, Manly Way, Of Course... (ICELANDIC)
6/9/2014For entertainment ~ K Hall
6/7/2014Huh, the shill is back
6/6/20141up Hydra
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