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Halcyon Dayz, FCD's Karma

Total: 686 (600  User Votes + 86  Thread Reports) and 230

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6/6/2014Awesome Moon summary - 74444
5/29/2014Hey hey - 74444
5/18/2014Netherlands 1 point - Hydra
4/27/2014Up1. Reality420
4/25/2014Up One! - TunnelVision
4/21/2014Shill anyone?
4/14/2014Up1. Hope you're ok. Reality420
4/12/2014Ele xx
4/2/2014Up1 for illuminati-r-us. Friends of CD. Reality420
3/26/2014With a hug & a smooch, Ele xx
3/25/2014For assuming I am a creationist... dumbfuck know it all
3/23/2014We meet again fellow knight of evolution! keep up the good fight! -Strudol
3/21/2014Up1. Reality420
3/12/2014Up1. Because it irritates the loons. Reality420
3/3/2014Up1. For infuriating the hoaxies til they drool. Reality420
2/26/2014One of the few, the proud -- the sane non-bigoted GLP'ers.
2/11/2014Up1. R420
1/29/2014Because moon landings are fucking awesome -strudol
1/29/2014Astro's secondary shill account. You are pathetic
1/29/2014Up1. Hoaxie's are stuck on stupid. R420
1/28/2014For informing lunatics: K Hall
1/1/2014Up 1. I don't think the kOOks like you very much... chuckle. Reality420
12/27/2013Just bla blah blah as always
12/25/2013Christmas Green - Hydra
12/22/2013Up 1 for collecting kOOk red above and beyond the call of duty. Reality420
12/18/2013Happy holidays from green_girl!
12/18/2013Green thumb - Karlos
12/4/2013Up 1. Have fun. Reality420
12/3/2013Green - Karlos
11/25/2013You are so full of shit and you know it
11/23/20131 up - Karlos
11/20/2013Up 1. Reality420
11/20/2013Giving out the last of my karma - i need a break. gg
11/14/20131up - Karlos
11/14/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
11/10/2013Game OVer thread - 74444
11/8/2013Hey Bro, long time! - TunnelVision
11/7/2013Up 1. The quality of the loons seems to be dropping but the quantity seems to be rising. Reality420
11/6/2013Sane and knowledgeable - Karlos
11/3/2013Haha indeed true! Shame I still enjoy some of that crap
10/30/2013Answered my questions nicely
10/29/2013Yucky avatar
10/28/2013Take your stupid book and shove it!
10/27/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/26/2013Add 1. IDW seems to be more deranged than usual. Reality420
10/25/2013A beacon of sense, among all the Woo-woos - Karlos
10/15/2013For common sense in the face of so many retards - Karlos
10/11/2013Karma incoming - Boxer
10/9/2013Up1. Reality420
10/6/2013A ship of sanity, on a sea of lunacy - Karlos
10/4/2013Moon landing thread/s, Elemental
10/4/2013Nice presentation of Apollo points and counterpoints ~ Odd John
10/2/2013Deconstruction - 74444
9/29/2013You are so full of shit and you know it
9/29/2013Weekly red from now on.
9/28/2013Up 1. Reality420
9/27/2013Biggest pile of shit
9/27/2013Aship of sanity, on an ocean of craziness- Karlos
9/20/20131 Keep swatting the dingbats. Reality420
9/20/2013Time to rebalance your Karma
9/19/2013Can hardly wait seven days to give you red
9/10/2013Can hardly wait seven days to give you red
9/9/20131 up for the anti-moontard. R420
9/3/2013Welcome back buddy - Veritas
9/3/2013Kudos what, asshat
9/1/2013Karma from Gonviral
8/31/2013I should hope astro et. al at least pay you for the spectacular job you do sucking their dicks...
8/30/2013You really are just a pile of shit.
8/29/2013Idiot. You will face God. I sure hope you see the Truth before that.
8/29/2013To one whom is intelligent and effective, despite my voiced disagreements. :) -pi
8/29/2013Gee, wish I knew it all.
8/29/2013Up 1. for rationality. Reality420
8/28/2013Long time! - TunnelVision
8/28/2013Elemental :)
8/27/2013Absolute Moron. Clueless.
8/24/2013Once again my hero. Atom bomb thread (Pamelaantoinette)
8/24/2013Great Lunar answer post - 74444
8/16/2013Love from Elemental xx
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