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12/19/2015Nice post, is it Kundalini ?----
5/18/2014You seem very knowledgable and open minded. The beginning of wisdom
5/15/2014Oneness heresy
5/15/2014Pagan Bullshit? Get fucked.
5/11/2014Religious faggot
5/11/2014Such a disgusting abomination,gays make me sick--tripleh31
4/28/2014False teacher
4/25/2014Well said
4/22/2014Fabby answer on time to kill thread :) showgirls1980 x
4/20/2014The reason you get red is because you are upright.These satanist racists on this site will pay.But do not be discouraged
4/19/2014April 19 Karma, Bro! Peace-hugh m eye
4/17/2014Bumper fag
4/17/2014Dumb. Really, really dumb.
4/16/2014You're wrong ;)
4/16/2014Maybe you need to smoke some cannabis and lighten up, asshole
4/15/2014I see you like to feed the shills
4/15/2014Stay vigilent! ~Particular Individual
4/10/2014Jesus is a mong
4/10/2014May YHWH bless you and keep you! Much Peace, Love, and Light~~Always~~WFTMis​sion
3/26/2014Thank you for liking my post in the "Noah Movie" thread! from Eggcellent
3/24/2014From Noah
3/23/2014Everything is a conspiracy
3/20/2014Elaborate more on this...WWIII
3/19/2014Omfg PLEASE stop posting...
3/11/2014The book of Thomas is left out of the bible because King JAMES who was Mason didnt want to tell the sheep the truth
3/11/2014How do u explain obamas afro then you moron
3/11/2014100% proof isn't 100% proof
3/11/2014Spraying green karma. Superduper
3/10/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/10/2014"Just ignore them" LOOL Yeah. Ignore rational thought and modern thinking. Religitards of a feather flock to stupidity.
3/10/2014Just ignore them
2/22/2014Religious moron
2/20/2014Well played, Jehovah. --Albino Rhino
2/15/2014Fuck You
2/15/2014He/she answered my question.
2/15/2014Uneducated religitard
2/15/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
2/12/2014Stupidest argument I've ever seen
2/12/2014Jesus fingers your asshole
2/12/2014Thanks for bump
2/12/2014Herb is the healing of the nations - Jesus
2/10/2014Thanks for the help in the Creation Thread
2/10/2014Not funny
2/7/2014The flying spaghetti monster is true god!!!!
2/6/2014Thanks - Wrath
2/5/2014N!gga you cray
2/5/2014You need psychological help. I am being serious.
2/5/2014Shaddup christard.
2/5/2014God bless. :) shytrlymyrly
2/5/2014More of the same 'I say my God is real so I feel the need to belittle you' nonsense.
2/4/2014Jesus teabags you while you sleep
1/30/2014You Understand -TruthPatriot
1/29/2014Hmosexual behaviour is wrong.
1/28/2014You know damn well why.
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