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Texas Rose's Karma

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9/16/2018Hope all is the best you can finagle, considering the constant, deliberate, steady stream of BS from UseLessRepEATER...
2/8/2018Green For My Friends - Revan
2/2/2018For the treason meme... and truth! 03
2/2/2018Arrogant they won't be brought to justice.
1/31/2018Green from OldWhiteGuy
1/25/2018"Green means never having to say you're sorry." - Mike Ehrmantraut
1/23/2018From Ralph--a house dog
1/5/2018Happy New Years - Revan
12/29/2017Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - Revan
12/27/2017From Ralph--a house dog
12/18/2017Christmas Greens - Revan
11/24/2017Goneviral green
11/23/2017Happy Thanksgiving ð from PiggyG
11/14/2017Happy Days - Revan
11/10/2017From Ralph--a house dog
11/9/2017Green. love Miss Cleo
11/8/2017That rose is so beautiful.... Lilopin
11/3/2017You are so kind to always try to give snyoposis of various things where I just want to say read it yourself. lol-sassy trumpette
11/3/2017Green - Big Daddy D
11/3/2017Uncle b
10/31/2017Green from Zed
10/29/2017Just Because - OldWhiteGuy
10/29/2017From Ralph--a house dog
10/26/2017Almost Halloween Green! - Revan
10/24/2017Stay classy - Zed
10/18/2017White liberals stirring up the 80 IQs.
10/18/2017Green from Revan
10/18/2017Animal, cage it quick!!!!
10/18/2017So accurate
10/15/2017Green4u - ElleMira
10/14/2017Green from Goneviral
10/14/2017Good stuff... Flyover Country
10/11/2017Both points essential!
10/10/2017Lol - Half Past Midnight
10/9/2017You bring a song to mind. :) strgzr
10/6/2017Down 33,000 jobs in September...first drop in 7 years
10/6/2017I think he knows who to get. I pray.
10/5/2017"I'll green you, my pretty... and your little dog, too!" - Mike Ehrmantraut
10/5/2017I see what's happening, I've been reporting him, hang in there you're a good poster -Haun-
10/5/2017Hello from Revan
10/5/2017You should get out of the basement more tard
10/5/2017Tard thread. love Miss Cleo
10/4/2017Learn the difference between Motel and Hotel for fucks sake
10/4/2017Green - Big Daddy D
10/4/2017Green from Goneviral
10/1/2017From Ralph--a house dog
9/27/2017Please post less. please
9/26/2017Welsh womble.
9/21/2017Green from Goneviral
9/20/2017Green from Revan
9/19/2017Thanks for commenting! - Putin's Voluntaryist
9/16/2017Av19 was here
9/15/2017Right about liberal haters. strgzr :)
9/13/2017Green - Big Daddy D
9/12/2017Plague. love Miss Cleo
9/11/2017Nice post - Half Past Midnight
9/7/2017From Ralph--a house dog
9/6/2017For the st martin eye vid
9/6/2017Buddy Green from UseLessRepEATER!
9/5/2017Green from Goneviral
9/5/2017Sending green huggggs! Love, Almylo xx
9/4/2017Lisa*Lisa was here :)
9/3/2017Excellent trump meme - dodger007
9/3/2017Excellent information and picture--Light Bulb
9/3/2017For the fabulous smilie!....love-love,​ cosmicgypsy
9/3/2017Texas green - lord revan
9/3/2017Welsh womble
8/31/2017Trump get that tomato plant in!!! -anubis
8/31/2017Green - Big Daddy D
8/30/2017No Pink Elephants
8/30/2017Green - ElleMira
8/30/2017Reported Abusive Post
8/30/2017You are all inm y thoughts Texas MySoul
8/26/2017Harvey - Fake Hurricane. Fake coverage. Fake like the rabbit.
8/25/2017I'm praying for you all! Been to Texas many times, as my Dad lived there! God bless! bigD
8/25/2017Harvey thread -auntiebeads
8/23/2017Green from Goneviral
8/23/2017Green - Big Daddy D
8/23/2017Green for Hump Day - Lord Revan
8/22/2017And a Fort... Cajun Karma for a Texas Rose!!! Southern Soldier..
8/22/2017From Ralph--a house dog
8/19/2017Yup !
8/19/2017From one Texas girl to another ~~ bluebonnet
8/18/2017Please post less
8/18/2017Just because- OldWhiteGuy
8/17/2017GOOD GREEN for you because you're awesome! -Freckle Face
8/16/2017Are you getting bored with winning? - The Comedian
8/16/2017I very much appreciate your wisdom and depth! ~ Hugs, Sunshyne
8/14/2017Greenade incoming for your remark on the victim thread!..saved
8/14/2017Green - Big Daddy D
8/11/2017LMAO at the Dr. Seuss book! Thanks for the laugh! The Deplorable ScarlettRedfern
8/9/2017Good GREEN for your posts and input here at GLP. -Freckle Face
8/4/2017Green for Seth Rich's memory ~ ElleMira
8/3/2017Yea baby, Trump Green for YOU! I heart TX btw - ev
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