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ObZen Maka's Karma

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9/10/2014You'd probably be a good drummer! Vision Thing
3/10/2014Good threads - black unit
12/7/2013Thanks for posting and updating the Extreme Caution!! - Internet Breach thread. I'll bump when I can Heavenly Alchemy
12/7/2013Thanks for voting in poll -- Diluted
12/6/2013Internet Breach, THANKS....grumpier
12/6/2013For having the courage to spread the word, even if it endangerd yourself
12/6/2013For spreading the word ~~ssle
12/6/2013Very important thanks
12/6/2013Internet green DiNYC
12/6/2013Uncle Fuck Stick Karma Snot Surprise ...dont eat it all in one sitting ;-Q...
12/6/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/4/2013Here's to hope. retiredsoldier
12/4/2013Thanks! - SN
12/4/2013Thank you for instilling hope :) Boots
12/4/2013Hope Thread, Thank you! ~ Arcturus
12/4/2013Welcome to the thread. Hope you'll stick around. -Revbo
12/4/2013Great post on patriots - Black Unit
12/4/2013Kinect :-)
12/3/2013I agree about the growing up. Have a good day. :) Sloane
12/2/2013Good advice Thx w2w
11/27/2013Dream Thread-Kamindaki Thanks man, you made some good points. :)
11/26/2013I didn't sleep thanks to your video post. Thanks, Dea Liminis
11/23/2013Greenpeace Shill Lying Marxist
11/23/2013Thank you for responding to my thread. keep eyes on the skies!
11/23/2013For the shtf bartering thread Carol B.
11/21/2013Great hunter

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