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mraychev's Karma

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6/21/2014For posting about Jacob Barnett. thank you. morgan
4/14/2014NekoNeko :)
3/26/2014Happy hump day. lol. Hope all is well. <3 Doomish
3/24/2014Thank you!!!
3/9/2014Hope all is well with you ~interested_1
3/4/2014Hello from N a H : )
2/27/2014Have a green day! ~interested_1
2/25/2014Thanks! You too! N a H
2/24/2014Another Day in Paradise, ~ Chugiakian
2/20/2014Thanks for the green! Back at ya'! Doomish
2/19/2014Have a good one!! *Haarp Lady
2/18/2014N a H <3 <3 <3
2/15/2014Green high-five for ya! Have a wonderful week! ~interested_1
2/11/2014Hello friend! nah <3
2/7/2014Thank you
2/5/2014Thank you for sharing
2/3/2014Weekly green from me! nah <3
2/2/2014Thanks for the Keshe Foundation Thread ~ Chugiakian
2/2/2014Beautiful! - photo thead
2/2/2014Thanks for sharing that lovely video -Mindfulnesz
1/28/2014Great find with the hobbit house.
1/27/2014Hi there! nah <3
1/25/2014The music thread. Good stuff. :) LaniJane
1/25/2014Music :)
1/21/2014Have the best day. Hobbit house love, Sloane :)
1/20/2014Nah <3
1/19/2014Thank you for the learning thread - sumtymes
1/18/2014Nice article!
1/18/2014For the educational websites - Psych
1/18/2014Thanks for green and for the websites - beeches
1/18/2014Great post! thanks :) eekers
1/18/2014For your 40 useful sites post ~interested_1
1/15/2014For the 15 English words thread. Good link. Sorry I derailed the thread. - Doomish
1/15/2014Good thread on human emotion
1/13/2014Great post on things to tell kids, thanks
1/13/2014Very interesting topic
1/13/2014How to look,. thanks....grumpier
1/12/2014Dont agree with killing, except maybe then about denny's -savcash
1/12/2014Thanks for the education links! -PirateMonkey

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