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DNoMo Michele B's Karma

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12/11/2015Lets see those tittas
12/9/2015Superduper green.
12/9/2015Heya Michelle. -Revbo
11/25/2015Sending some love your way! - Lisa*Lisa :)
11/23/2015Man hating feminist
11/19/2015Electric Pressure Cooker! - Tesla
11/19/2015You're awesome - thetoolman
11/11/2015Tough guy comment, well said -- Sin Remover
11/10/2015Thank you from Nine's!
11/9/2015From Ralph-a house dog
11/3/2015Green for post assist - thetoolman
10/15/2015Thanks for posting in my poll and ur awesome answer, savcash
10/4/2015Another retard
9/30/2015Clappy dhr
9/30/2015Derp or Douche Bag? Both!
9/30/2015Your views are wrong
9/25/2015For your true comment on terror threat thread. SeeingInTheDark
9/24/2015I cant respond, not upgraded. its the silent killer, dizziness (vertigo like, but not vertigo) , headaches, hiccups, things youd dismiss. look it up! good luck~OMH~
9/24/2015Clock boy comment
9/23/2015Self righteous bitch
9/22/2015Oh, here we go! Waa, waa! "People will not put up with being unable to feed their families...."
9/22/2015So dummmb
9/22/2015Knowledge and wisdom...dame
9/19/2015Trump is EVIL
9/16/2015Rude twinkie comment
9/15/2015Plus 1
9/12/2015From Ralph--a house dog
9/11/2015Howdy. -Revbo
8/28/2015Good post on thread about the murderer - beeches
8/27/2015Beautifully stated-astral goat
8/25/2015No. wrong.
8/21/2015Cheers! maguyver
8/19/2015A little green for owning up that Josh is a sick perv - Big Daddy D
8/14/2015Yep. -Revbo
8/9/2015From Ralph--a house dog
7/25/2015Hi! im Michele (with one L too)! welcome! from wait....what? :)
7/21/2015Karma by Blueridge
7/20/2015Hi from Ralph--a house dog
7/13/2015Thanks for posting the quote. -Southern Lighthouse
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