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Sinclair's Karma

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9/2/2019Real Valuable info
4/1/2019I havent given red in decades. pool
4/1/2019If we all acknowledge how much the Godless enjoy our suffering and unite in our disdain for them the world would be a much better place. Gnostic asshole!
3/14/2019This system is rigged in favor of evil, only a fool can't see the truth in this - xenophon
3/14/2019True Detective green
3/6/2019Best classical music. pool
3/5/2019Pussy hurt?
2/19/2019Another Antichrist
1/29/2019You get it. TPH
1/29/2019This world is not hell. Hell is much much worse.
1/23/2019Hey buddy. -Rev
1/18/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
1/8/2019Thanks - BadWolf117
12/17/2018Wise words
12/6/2018Good to see you posting again ~ WOLF
12/1/2018RED. For blaspheming Jesus Christ. Ignorant beyond belief. SHAME ON YOU
11/28/2018Well said. pool
11/24/2018Hang all the sick pedos!-widge
11/24/2018Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/24/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/20/2018They squash every alternative method possible - If you can prove something works it will be approved. Or at least left alone. ZA ton of that shit is useless
11/18/2018He used the good Tesla's name for his business, but prefers the scum that was Edison - yesterday ~ TODAY ~ Tomorrow.
11/14/2018You don't get any of this and then chosee to spew your ignorace all around for those to see. Seek help.
11/14/2018Very negative person. Who's side are you on?
9/19/2018Good scientific knowledge.
9/26/2014Stand your ground, Littlebird
8/19/2014Thank you!!! ~Vesper33~
8/19/2014I challenge you to SHUT THE FUCK UP also!
8/19/2014I challenge you to SHUT THE FUCK UP
8/18/2014Who wants peace prepares for war? Whose quote is that? :) Ninki
8/18/2014Has sense
8/3/2014I want you to feel true peace, joy, adventure, and love....soon
7/24/2014Thats the truth
7/18/2014For Truthfulness in Suicide thread - Keats
7/16/2014Eyes wide Shut thread. ~Thistle
7/15/2014Correct question. (S)He shall, yes.
7/15/2014Compassionate. Have the best day. Sloane
7/15/2014Green from ANHEDONIC
7/14/2014You are very sweet :) ask and you shall receive :) ~TH
7/3/2014Nice dream experience - YouAreDreaming
6/26/2014Perfect quote
6/25/2014You can still opt out.
6/25/2014I hope this finds you well. Vala :-)
6/21/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/17/2014Intelligent conversation
6/13/2014Most excellent! ~Chip
6/11/2014Definitely lol-knightz
6/9/2014Vala :-)
5/28/2014With love and respect, best to you my friend, 141
5/27/2014Excellent discussion - ANHEDONIC
5/27/2014Gret sentiment s on death thread discussion..Lionels Love
5/26/2014Cruel existence. everything's alright.
5/26/2014I hope this finds you well. Vala :-)
5/26/2014Good post nice insight -Steamrolled
3/29/2014Nice chatting with you also. Hope we do so again :-) (I may make an exception on the NY thing,)
3/25/2014Cone story. Funny. Vala :-)
3/21/2014Dr. Strange is always changing sides
3/19/2014DontBeAfraidEVER =)
3/18/2014Some green back at you. ~MURK9
3/18/2014Check out alaska -- filth
3/18/2014I like to encourage and reward intellegence.
3/14/2014Thank you friend! I always enjoy your posts as well :) ~Otsana
3/14/2014I can relate to this totally.
3/14/2014Listen to nature's teachings. Everything's Alright.
3/10/2014Vic-chick13 :)
3/9/2014Thank you for your wisdom - SilverPatriot
3/7/2014Great response in the "we are on to the next phase" thread, believe me my friend, you are not alone. <3
3/6/2014For the poem :) ~Otsana
3/4/2014Amor vincit omnia et nos cedamus amori. morgan
2/27/2014For an insightful post... thanks 141
2/27/2014Great perspective!
2/26/2014Im glad we met. Vala :-)
2/23/2014Good post, nice thing to see after half a page of bullshit. ~ICBN
2/18/2014Hating life thread ~LunaRabbit
2/14/2014No problem! :) - Bogan
2/11/2014For must see video why our ....s.d. butler
2/11/2014Excellent parallel between dhs/military and ww2 germany -- filth
2/10/2014Thanks for the green! -Waterlily
2/7/2014Good post in 'feminine energy' thread - ANHEDONIC
2/4/2014Peace and prosperity to you- acegotflows
2/4/2014Thinks everyone who disagrees with him is a "shill." Aka, shilltard
2/3/2014"let it go full blast into the deepest part of the water" Classic lol - hindsight2020
2/3/2014You bet
2/3/2014Much love and grace to you Sinclair from <Path>
2/3/2014Only sane on my thread
1/30/2014Have some green =) ~CigarTigher
1/30/2014Thanks for the feedback - ANHEDONIC
1/30/2014Reader9 :)
1/28/2014Spot on seeing beyond the distraction
1/28/2014Dats funny
1/27/2014Green Police, LOL! ohnonotagain
1/24/2014He proved my point
1/21/20141 for supporting Gnostic Warrior
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