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1/25/2015False teacher
8/6/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/6/2014Quality comments
8/4/2014Good research, good information-Bongo7
8/3/2014Good post on the Christian thread...davvi
8/2/2014God doesn't care about anyone believe in that
8/2/2014Did you take special classes in school?
8/2/2014Green greetings. fullfaith
8/1/2014Green from nutmeg!
7/29/2014But little kids in some neighborhoods DO talk like this, and you're right. No chance. AlphaB
7/28/2014Thanks for the compliment--Hawgzilla​
7/27/2014Right back at ya, jackass!
7/26/2014Stupid comment
7/26/2014Love GFG
7/25/2014You're wrong, you know. -Morgan Freeman
7/25/2014Good pooping advice.
7/25/2014You have a lot of nerve calling anybody a dumbass, you are the biggest idiot on the forum!
7/25/2014Utter cockwomble.
7/20/2014For Truth
7/20/2014Good person trying help OP with child support.
7/18/2014You are such a fat fucking idiot.
7/17/2014Comments on child support - joe mamma
7/16/2014Yea youre ralph. a fucking idiot
7/15/2014You are an obamanation
7/15/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/15/2014For your Bush knowledge. Ms.Superduper
7/15/2014For wishing someone dead
7/14/2014No problem....the bouncing elephant :)
7/14/2014Green from indiandave.
7/14/2014Very obviously a jew posing as christian
7/13/2014Your avatar is disgusting & if Brief gives you green, then you are 2 peas in a pod
7/13/2014Sick fuck dumb redneck
7/13/2014Stoopid poll.
7/13/2014Go jump in front of a bus
7/13/2014Are you brain damaged? You don't know English and you are a dumbass zioshill
7/13/2014Brief :)
7/13/2014Showing some balence fullfaith
7/12/2014Some good rep to offset the muzzie lovers.
7/12/2014Jesus annoints your taint
7/12/2014Only insulting ppl
7/11/2014Bible thumping, brain washed, don't know how ot speak for himself tard
7/9/2014Back away from the computer now. You've gone Full-Retard.
7/9/2014You are extremely stupid. That avatar is perfect for you.
7/7/2014You presume to know the mind, needs and intentions of the almighty. YOU are a sinner.
7/6/2014Green for you, MONSTER
7/5/2014He spoke the truth - unpopular though it may be...
7/4/2014Green on the 4th fullfaith
7/4/2014Great post on the Border Patrol Agent Thread (as usual)~Donkey Jaw
7/4/2014God hates brown nosers
7/4/2014Green for you- meteor creation- Hard Eight
7/3/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/29/2014Going to eat what's in your nose?
6/29/2014Some green for you. God bless. :)
6/29/2014Fuck you are a hateful, judgemental one, aren't you?
6/24/2014You are spot on about Genesis and Earth ages. Been hearing more and more of this and agree!
6/24/2014Great Comments
6/23/2014A green runby
6/20/2014Take the chip of your sholder, dickhead.
6/19/2014Bush a satanic scumbag: some green for you--sees
6/17/2014You can't spell individual correctly yet you call others dumb. Good job!
6/17/2014Deprived mentally ill people indeed. I like to think of them as sexually dysfuntional. - R.P. McMurphy
6/16/2014You need it. - Expect a weekly green - for a little while at least.
6/15/2014Wow. I have no words to describe just how STUPID you are.
6/8/2014This person knows the reason they deserve a good karma vote.
6/7/2014Like your posts, furry pete
6/6/2014That red, squiggly line under "midacondri" means you spelled "mitochondri" wrong, ass.
6/6/2014Take your bible verses elsewhere
6/5/2014Buildings were wired over a year long period at nights?....try a few weeks moran
6/3/2014Green for you fullfaith
5/28/2014You lose any rational argument by mentioning religion.
5/26/2014I like you fullfaith
5/24/2014A b onus
5/24/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/24/2014Brainless religious idiot
5/22/2014I'll knock your fucking head off punk cock
5/21/2014Rim my ass and suck my dick.
5/20/2014Douche x25
5/20/2014I feel justified in saying; eat shit. Really. ~Icbn
5/20/2014Lol faggot
5/20/2014Great reply on the dickhead's thread! sickandtwisted
5/20/2014Damn straight! ~Thistle
5/18/2014You are sick !
5/17/2014Some green for you. full faith
5/17/2014I hope God pulls the plug soon too.
5/17/2014False teacher
5/15/2014Gap heresy
5/15/2014Excellent explanation in the God us in our image post.. 5*s
5/14/2014Acts 2:29 - Voice In The Wilderness
5/2/2014Ahead of schedule...BWAHAHAHA ~tampa heather
4/24/2014Dumb post. Men want sons and women want daughters often- it has nothing to do with being gay/ lesbian.
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