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3/20/2017From beer god rest her soul
3/2/2017Sessions lied...under oath....he will resign by the end of the day...trump next..
2/23/2017Have a nice day! :) -Ankhiale
2/21/2017Hit the nail on the head!
2/3/2017Excellent memory. pool
2/2/2017Fucking idiot. we went to the moon. case closed.
11/29/2016Good post on EU immigrants!....from Ralph--a house dog
11/16/2016Thank you, you're the best ~thetoolman
9/16/2016Shut up already
9/13/2016Sending some love your way! - LIsa*Lisa :)
9/11/2016"Bureau of Land Management"..thanks for the list...grumpier
8/15/2016From Ralph---a house dog
6/17/2016Re: Trump mentions building 7 == please return the favor and I'll give you another. Thanks buddy
3/30/2016For criticizing a smile...derp
3/21/2016Cruz's hair! esoterica
2/8/2016From Ralph--a house dog...Blessings and good things for you! (not jail! --invoking glp effect))
2/1/2016You made my day (brussel sprouts)
1/22/2016Figure it out yourselft, you can see but are blind to the truth
1/18/2016Gless you ~ ../
12/31/2015Rutabagas owe you some green -Happytard
10/23/2015Yes I think so too - *her husband is an angel*! :) Have a nice weekend, Sloane
10/16/2015Great post
10/16/2015This is all highly disgusting to be sure. I aplaud the Germans for booing... I shake my head at Minnisotans standing there silent.
10/12/2015From Ralph--a house dog
10/12/2015Tsk tsk
10/5/2015From Ralph--a house dog
10/4/2015Thanks for your posts - cheyenne
10/3/2015Death is not as morbid as it seems when it is countered with love
10/1/2015Well stated
10/1/2015Great rant on Germany thread. pool
9/18/2015Life is a train ride
9/14/2015I like your style
9/13/2015Great Post - ontheverge
9/8/2015From Ralph--a house dog
9/8/2015Grenings from Böze Tante :)
7/30/2015Nobody voted any president in Kirk
7/22/2015Beso :)
7/11/2015From Ralph--a house dog
7/7/2015Excellent coorelation. pool
7/1/2015IQ of potato
6/10/2015For your comment on the "Teen Speaks Out" thread. Thank you for your input... Zuzu
6/8/2015Drive by karma, beep beep!-DenizenOfHell
6/5/2015You are on the right path, but do some research. Gee Emm is no normal person. He plays for the other team. You've been warned.
5/28/2015For posting the electoral college b.s. for the uneducated. ~goldielucks
5/27/2015Please move to Mexico and make the US a better place
5/25/2015Love your comment about golf courses LOL...also your avatar. God bless- krissyinky
5/23/2015Green wood for you - thetoolman
5/19/2015Thank you for posting. ~TML
5/19/2015Enjoyed your comment on the POLL thread...morgan
5/15/2015Love your avatar! krissyinky
5/13/2015Hi from Ralph--a house dog
4/30/2015Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
4/30/2015Thumbs up for your animal compassion! - Light of Kukulkan
4/23/2015Green for you - tripleh
4/23/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
4/17/2015Kick ass posting, It is about WHO you know. Holymeerkat
4/8/2015RIP Russell Means. citadel
4/2/2015Thank you your view! esoterica
4/2/2015Haha Adolf! Great reply, very intelligent - Anni
3/31/2015Bitter fattie
3/26/2015Awesome reply.
3/19/2015Good analysis on govt, thank you.. (Kept)
3/18/2015Thank you for contributing :) ~TML
3/13/2015Nice to see some common sense round these parts. - Kai
2/12/2015IQ of 12
1/24/2015Thank you for participating in my Detroit thread! -SilverKwest
1/21/2015Struck a nerve?
1/15/2015Green for your comment on the Pope thread!...saved

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