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Indiana Jones's Karma

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2/9/2019BBQ Boy was here
1/25/2019BBQ Boy was here
1/17/2019BBQ Boy was here
1/8/2019BBQ Boy was here
1/7/2019Weekend at ginsburg lol! Os76.
1/7/2019For your "Weekend At Ginsburgs" meme! from Eggcellently Deplorable
1/6/2019Driving Dems Crazy Meme HA! from WGON :-)
1/2/2019Wishing you an Amazing 2019 Indiana!! Evangelina
1/2/2019Happy New Year Des
12/29/2018BBQ Boy was here
12/28/2018For knowing how to protect your loved ones - Janedoenut
12/28/2018It would be nice to "purge" the garbage.
12/28/2018Pantifa! Lol !! Happy New Year Green from mkjeep
12/24/2018Good find on Federal Reserve Act!
12/24/2018There isnt going to be any tribunals dumbass
12/24/2018Great find, OP Fed. Res. Act sec 10 C-T
12/23/2018Merry Christmas. ~Maiya
12/21/2018Christmas jeep green from mk
12/20/2018Ho lee fuk is right...left field Qists...lance
12/20/2018Brilliant insight!!!!
12/20/2018Merry Christimas Green ~ Evangelina
12/20/2018Merry Christmas. love Miss Cleo
12/19/2018Awesome meme! (Mimm)
12/19/2018And a Merriest Christmas to you & family too! - grumpygato
12/18/2018Praise Jesus! ~ WyatteSmith
12/16/2018Horsepower from BigBlock
12/15/201810 MEGATONS of Christmas Green.. THE GRAND AMERICAN INQUISIDOR
12/13/2018LOL driving dems crazy...love it abi~
12/13/2018BBQ Boy was here
12/4/2018BBQ Boy was here
11/29/2018Failed predictions
11/28/2018Green for you! ~ WyatteSmith
11/20/2018Hi Indy. love Miss Cleo
11/18/2018Green for your posts. Happy Sunday. ~Maiya
11/17/2018Thank you ... mollzyie ... some dumb people on here .
11/17/2018Happy Saturday! A1Janitor
11/16/2018Keep it up! - Ziipher
11/16/2018Nice prediction, I like the part where it came true. oh wait
11/14/2018Pepperroni was here
11/14/2018You can't predict exact timing of drop - silly GLP! Rebel4liberty
11/14/2018Countering the red from the idiot below
11/12/2018Enjoying the declass thread (again). ~ Renaissance Woman
11/11/2018Thank you for your service. Never forget! Isis One
11/11/2018Constantly posting fake intel
11/11/2018C. k.
11/11/2018Fake fisa troll thread
11/11/2018Thanks for the info Indy! — Buckeye73
11/11/2018I believe DECLAS is also imminent. ~Maiya
11/11/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/11/2018Green for you my friend! followed your last thread about this, hope this one pans out.
11/5/2018Good answer :) Kitty Kat
10/31/2018Find the green stone indy - mypillow
10/23/2018For being a great contributor and in case you win the lotto!!! - Louis in Richmond
10/22/2018You can't fix stupid on Tom Arnold thread ; ) Evangelina
10/21/2018You never stop being an alocholic comment, Truth. Billy Ringo.
10/17/2018Sorry about your screen, send the bill to pelosi ! lol~kpm~
10/15/2018Spot on
10/14/2018For my Assange thread, thanks. Says DeplorableRedDog
10/14/2018Pay per view!! - Louis in Richmond
10/12/2018Spreading fake disinfo
10/10/2018Hillary in a bag - LOL - Thanks for the Green - G3
10/10/2018Counter the red, your a good guy- mkjeep
10/9/2018I hope your right about the declas - Grizz
10/9/2018Uncle intel.
10/9/2018BBQ Boy was here
10/9/2018FISA PLEASE lead to mass arrests of criminals in DC. strongman shelford
10/9/2018Because the avatar is hot.
10/9/2018I hope you are right about fisa tonight :)
10/9/2018Info from your guy in DC thanks
10/9/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
10/8/2018Thread: "FISA DECLASS COMING" thanks! ....nutmeg....
10/8/2018FISA release advocate
10/8/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
10/8/2018Horsepower Frpm BigBlock
10/8/2018Greenade incoming!! Saved
10/6/2018Green from Evangelina
10/6/2018Happy Birthday! It's A Secret
10/6/2018HAPPY B DAY !!!! from KLOWN
10/3/2018Wednesday thank you’s! [email protected]
10/2/2018There is industrial ones much more effecient but the old wood will work!
10/2/2018Thanks for contributing. Frank!
10/1/2018Green for keeping on!!!! Ev!!!!
10/1/2018For pretending that Conservatives aren't easily offended. You are...often!
9/30/2018For showing me what a geek I truly am. Great meme! Thanks for the laugh!!!
9/30/2018Strongman shelford green karma alliance
9/30/2018Green hugs~kpm~
9/30/2018"You know I'm stealing that" dog made me laugh. ~ RenaissanceWoman
9/28/2018Thanks! I needed a caption from a cool head... ~SLC
9/27/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
9/27/2018Cheers - ElleMira
9/26/2018Green to you from WGON for your posts in my D5 thread.
9/26/2018Green from OldWhiteGuy
9/25/2018Green for Hillary treason smilie...OMG that is funny! O'sCookie
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