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NicholasMichaelXXXX's Karma

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9/17/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/16/2014For letting me know the video went private.
9/7/2014Great gif. pool
9/1/2014Ace hole alright
7/7/2014Shit stain
7/6/2014Excellent info-zenobiaphobia
6/30/2014Fag boy
6/29/2014Yeah no, sorry :( eww gross
6/22/2014Fuckin Zazz, go the fuck away already...
6/21/2014Elvis lives
6/18/2014You just suck.
5/13/2014Please stop complaining about your micro-penis on the forum. We are unable to help you
4/23/2014What. The fuck. IS that. In your signature mate. Really.
4/21/2014Go away.
4/10/2014Hope you get rapped by your dad one day. Hey, its "GOD'S" will so...dont complain if it happens, "little man" :)
3/24/2014For being blind....the man was murderd by the cops...PERIOD
3/20/2014Vala :-)
3/20/2014I really enjoyed the girls playing banjos, thanks
3/19/2014Girls with banjos lmao
3/19/2014Loved the Banjos!!!
3/19/2014Banjo girl :) Korats
3/7/2014Love creation as self & fear the Lord ~M1

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