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6/9/2022Thanks for the pine...JF Priest
6/9/2022Only dead fish go with the flow ~ 5lats
6/7/2022Love Ellusion :)
6/5/2022For the prayers, thank you
5/31/2022GREEEEEEEEN! Love to you!
5/30/2022Hi Jazz, hope you are doing great! FJB, bigD
5/30/2022From AV3.0
5/28/2022Green from this Littlepixie who was just passing through and thought of you. I still miss those shiny shoes of yours. lol. Be well, stay safe, dry and warm please.
5/28/2022BBQ Boy stopped by
5/28/2022Nice Avatar !!! From tiger1
5/28/2022Dropping the weekly thumb ~ 5lats
5/25/2022A truckload of smiles from Diesel!
5/21/2022Great reply to formula post:) JanJan
5/21/2022You're so wise: Gar
5/19/2022I have no desire to dance with the devil....Yup, same here
5/18/2022BBQ Boy stopped by
5/18/2022Love..your avatar...Goneviral green
5/17/2022For the steam...~ 5lats
5/13/2022Romans 8:26-39 KJV. I feel you and agree. It comes across in the temper of what you posts. Os76.
5/12/2022Lol yesssss
5/11/2022For your posts ! From tiger1
5/11/2022Thank you for posting that link -RW
5/10/2022From Builder
5/10/2022Freedom green hugs, Des
5/9/2022For your prayers and support during the worst time of my life. THANK YOU! ~RealJoy
5/8/2022Happy Day to you. pool
5/8/2022Green from this Littlepixie who was just passing through to let you know Ive thought of yor. Be well, stay safe and warm please.
5/6/2022Right on the money. Well done.
5/4/2022Ahahahaha waffle Crafty
5/4/2022Green for the unborn. prayandprepare
5/4/2022People are too dumb to understand they dont just randomly get pregnant. thanks for explaining it to them
5/4/2022Spot on babies meme -REaliZe
5/4/2022Best of the Best to you!
5/3/2022Yes, He does! Thx. TB
5/3/2022Hey Jazz, thanks and cheers! ~BFD
5/2/2022BBQ Boy stopped by
5/1/2022Hope you have a nice Sunday, Builder
5/1/2022Have a Blessed Day ! From tiger1
4/29/2022Basking in an .... excellent message have a good weekend. - justme
4/27/2022Green from mila. i'm back :)
4/25/2022Thank you for commenting on my thread! xo sseess
4/24/2022Logic and reason does not apply to the transformers, they operate off emotion. But damn you make some fine points! -RW
4/23/2022Beauty within. pool
4/22/2022Agree 100%++
4/21/2022YHWH bless You!! <3 Kate
4/20/2022Puddintane greens from Diesel! :)
4/17/2022Happy Birthday - BBQ Boy
4/17/2022Well said ~ Stormflower
4/16/2022The night is far spent, the day is at hand
4/16/2022Sensible moderating of Ukraine War threads, thank you-The Gent
4/15/2022Have a Blessed Easter ! From tiger1
4/15/2022Thanks for alowing my thread- I love liberty!- trashcanman2
4/15/2022"Don't Fuck With Me" and Not Dancing on their graves posts. Props--Billy Ringo
4/15/2022Chin up! love 99
4/14/2022The move was quite the event. Lol! I'm here. All is good. Love ya back!!
4/14/2022Green - Big Daddy D
4/13/2022Thank you for recognizing the "little man complex"! tekman
4/13/2022Good moderating on that one world on fire thread~Gov't Mule~
4/13/2022Thank you!! TB
4/10/2022Incoming friendly fire from Armchair General whom is stuck in Vienna quarantine with Covid
4/10/2022Love to you my darlin hope alls well with you Xx msmc
4/6/2022For an old lady
4/5/2022Greens from Diesel!
4/5/2022Spring is here! much love love love!
4/3/2022Goneviral green
4/2/2022Builder...because you get it and you have a good heart.
4/1/2022BBQ Boy stopped by
4/1/2022Good woman
3/31/2022You're awesome. love 99
3/31/2022Spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ - Marco
3/31/2022Spring green. ~Paisley
3/31/2022Hugs to you ! From tiger1
3/30/2022Green - Big Daddy D
3/24/2022Your best Avatar...What a Prick I am...CG
3/23/2022Keeping control
3/23/2022Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger One
3/21/2022Thanks for the tornado warning radar map! lightbulb
3/18/2022Thank you for your sane voice on the conflict
3/13/2022Hugs to you ! From Tiger One
3/12/2022BBq Boy stopped by
3/9/2022Take care Jazz. Location is also Starfleet. Lol - COH
3/8/2022Keeping control
3/6/202210-4 thanks. someguyinUS
3/6/2022Thanks mod.
3/6/2022Hi :)
3/6/2022The Original Mind
3/5/2022Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger One
3/4/2022Thanks for helping with that problem! LOL TB
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