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Texas Uncensored's Karma

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12/22/2018I'm Appalled!!!
4/10/2016At The Alamo is a very enjoyable song. GLP seems to have a lot of fine talent. Bravo! glad to hear yours :-)
5/13/2013Moon Tilted Thread - DVCMCM
1/23/2013Fuck the police!
1/2/2013Lets have a great year
10/21/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/24/20111 from SEVAK_MUNI
9/5/2011Fellow RP fan! +1 for helping educate the mass's!!- Danose
9/4/2011We rarely agree but on the ron paul issue we do
9/4/2011Great counter argument supporting Ron Paul
9/4/2011Ron Paul!
9/4/2011For supporting Ron Paul xoxo
9/4/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/4/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/4/2011Inconsiderate JACK_AZZ
9/3/2011You are really an excellent Ron Paul supporter/debater.
9/3/2011One of the BEST posters here on GLP!!!
9/2/2011Ron Paul 2012
9/2/2011I love you and the omni Dr. Paul -omnicapitalist
9/2/2011Proud to call you a great American! You rock it TU, keep the good fight going. JB
9/1/2011Great gal
9/1/2011Buying pin for R.P. thread
9/1/2011Rp supporter - intelligent and thoughtful posts - astrochik
9/1/2011Fighting the GOOD fight
9/1/2011Awesome posts - Angel of LIBERTY
9/1/2011Yay, puttin to the shills
9/1/2011Sheeple looking for rescue
8/31/2011Standing up to 1429591 over and over
8/31/2011Grampaul? Sigh...
8/31/2011For getting shilled and keeping on the Ron Paul thread full of assholes...lancifer
8/31/2011Thanks for the Karma, much love! RON PAUL 2012!
8/31/2011I love this girl! She rocks = ) OoOoO
8/31/2011Ron Paul Fan!
8/31/2011Hurls insults indiscrimanately.
8/31/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/31/2011Love ya Tex! Keep up The Fight!
8/30/20111 Karma in the Ron Paul popularity thread, great post.
8/29/2011LOVE this!
8/29/2011True dat
8/29/2011Always awesome
8/29/2011Blind mindcontrolled ship. Stop calling people who's trying to open your idolwarshipping eyes: RP is a NWO puppet just like ALL OF THEM
8/28/2011Because you are so nice. And a Ron Paul supporter. From Fatalwishes
8/28/2011For telling off that clown talking smack on Dr. Paul
8/27/2011Just say i did lol
8/27/2011Seem chill
8/26/2011Upi'Almost as stupid as TTownGirl.
8/26/2011You make me proud to be a Texas woman :) You rock!
8/26/2011Because I love Ron Paul and YOU!!! ~Aphrodite~
8/25/2011Supports RP and never waivers
8/24/2011Ron Paul!
8/24/2011Just Because of a great post on my first pinned thread
8/23/2011R p 2012 gs
8/22/2011Shes great
8/22/2011I respect your unwavering committment, it's like a laser :)
8/22/2011Always provides useful info
8/21/2011Thanks 4 having a great signature, threads and posts
8/20/2011Good karma for liberty!
8/20/2011RON PAUL 2012!!!! When he wins, we all win! Thanks for promoting him so relentlessly here!
8/20/2011XOXO - for the sexy RP supporter ;P - dettol
8/20/2011Ron Paul 2012!
8/20/2011For helping Ron Paul
8/20/2011For supporting liberty
8/20/2011To help replenish the 10 KP you used to pin RP Bday MB pin
8/19/2011Great response
8/19/2011And the Truth Shall Set You Free :)
8/19/2011Because you talked to your local media about Ron Paul coverage
8/19/2011For your efforts to refute the naysayers and shills, and for your support of Ron Paul.
8/18/2011Funny as hell comment
8/17/2011Just love me TexUncen .... great contributor to GLP
8/17/2011Good views
8/17/2011For your post on the GOD BLESS RON PAUL thread
8/17/2011Idiotic paultard who makes Ron Paul look bad
8/17/2011You seem to be on a never ending menstrual period.
8/17/2011Ron Paul 2012
8/16/2011Sees core beliefs and focuses on that instead of trivia.
8/16/2011Keep going, Texas Girl, I'm proud of you!
8/16/2011For the bumper sticker post -domas jefferson
8/16/2011RP supporter
8/16/2011For loving Ron Paul, centrist77
8/16/2011Always great comments
8/16/2011The truth is being spoken. Standing up against the shills.
8/16/2011Good post rebuttal on Ron Paul.
8/15/2011I like your posts
8/15/2011What NIP could be if she had objectivity and social skills.
8/15/2011Can't get more pro Paul than TU
8/15/2011For being a positive and dedicated contributor to the GLP family - Trix :)
8/15/2011Just awesome
8/15/2011An RP supporter who takes action and contacts the MSM, how could I not +1 her??? ;-`)
8/14/2011RP supporter. Koelbren
8/14/2011Good ron paul info on nutramac threads
8/14/2011Fellow Texan and Ron Paul Supporter. From FatalW1shes
8/14/2011I like how you spread the truth about Ron Paul. but why does he support nuke power? :/
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