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1/12/2016Superduper green.
1/11/2016Cute animal thread~kpm~
1/11/2016Story about one of your pets great posts, people need to lighten up
1/11/2016Creative writing pet thread -Greenest kindness -Lionels Love
1/10/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
1/5/2016Reported Abusive Post
12/8/2015Great reply to GFG's thread! LindaE
12/1/2015For Sabbath truth
11/23/2015Thanks for the info! Happy Thanksgiving! - PetiteGurl
11/23/2015It would appear you are correct, stay safe--Bodiless
11/23/2015Love GFG
11/21/2015Astonishing avatar! beeches
11/20/2015Cool sig -blueridge doom
10/17/2015Lucid thinking. Decency. I admire those qualities - Overgoverned
9/1/2015I see you're fond of nuts.
8/26/2015Reported Abusive Post
8/23/2015Never surrender to sleep lol!!! From Topbanker
8/22/2015Thanks! Sir_Kayle
8/22/2015NM fires thread .. thanks! Lil Sis Hope all is ok for you and yours
8/22/2015Shabbat Shalom! God bless you. Wishin'
8/22/2015Let the fun continue on NK thread!-DenizenOfHell​
8/22/2015Green for u for the rundown on Korea Thread Zombie Daddy in a Box.
8/21/2015Green back. Zod!
7/31/2015Green Smile from Lady Jane Smith
7/30/2015Back atcha - phenn
7/30/2015Green for you.. Soup
7/29/2015ItsAllOneBigLie =)
7/28/2015Good Comments on Gun Control! - Tesla
7/25/2015Love GFG
7/25/2015U have a beautiful mind and heart. thank-you
7/6/2015Exactly ditto the experience
7/5/2015For love and truth
6/30/2015Being gay is not a belief and you're no lawyer
6/29/2015Back at you slave master
6/5/2015Great link in your comment on the millennial thread! - ItsAllOneBigLie =)
6/4/2015Love GFG
5/30/2015Bless you, friend. Wishin' ~~peace, love, light, àn
5/15/2015Green for being in WA - tripleh
5/5/2015God Bless - WhiteAngel
5/4/2015Lucky guy. pool
5/1/2015Watchman on the wall for The Most High! jdb
4/30/2015This person has some good thought provoking topic
4/29/2015You could use a hug and some green. (hugs) May God bless you and keep you. Wishin
4/29/2015Non christian muse
4/29/2015Beso :)
4/27/2015Green Greetings! Best Wishes - Tesla
4/22/2015Response on the raptue..S-wordlike.
4/15/2015Your Avatar? I freakin LOVE that guy! You rock Mr/Mrs Osmium! Have some green for making me chuckle! And your thread on Walmart rox too! St3v3
4/15/2015Very informative and interesting information to check out and be concerned about
4/15/2015Oh no doomtard
4/15/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
4/11/2015Good comments on malls going defunct! Best - Tesla
4/3/2015Ancient civilizations--lookin​ forward to more research TY--Bodiless
4/2/2015He's right you know
3/24/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
3/20/2015Howdy ~ A Friend
2/25/2015EleKtroN was here :)
2/24/2015God bless you, friend~WFTMission
2/20/2015Happy weekend! ~ A Friend
2/16/2015For a fellow Christian who knows the Truth!
2/10/2015For being so helpful, thanks! Wyks
2/9/2015May God bless you! WFTMission~
2/3/2015Brain washed fool
1/19/2015EleKtroN was here :)
12/16/2014For homo rant
12/8/2014I would read "Red Dawn Gone Wrong", let me know when you publish! hehe ~OnTheFence
11/14/2014May God bless you and keep you~WFTMission~
11/9/2014Qualifications for gadgets? get fucked stalin
10/29/2014Love GFG
10/28/2014Good thread topic on Gun laws
10/28/2014Too much green
10/27/2014I'm voting with you! - tripleh
10/12/2014Have not forgotten your help when I first joined. MySaul
9/24/2014May God bless you and keep you~Peace, Love, and Light~WFTMission
9/24/2014Thanks for the karma! INTHELORDSNAME
9/23/2014Yeah for GLP's secret forum! nahkers :)
9/22/2014Glp rocks
9/22/2014I love GLP too :) eekers
9/21/2014I LOVE your avatar ~ A Friend
9/19/2014Thanks for your help
9/16/2014GLP DOES rock! Thx for the reminder. ~kiLLerkwEEn
9/16/2014Green for a fellow wolf. ~Snuffie.
9/11/2014Back at ya-Chibs
9/7/2014Well said. Indeed, American's already have a form of gun control.
9/5/20141 for being a good dad -joe mamma
8/29/2014Cuz i can
8/26/2014Agree. Importance of ebola also being missed. We can freeze to death while suffering from ebola.
7/28/2014Well done! And there are more words used to trivialize terrible things, as well.
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