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DNAprototype's Karma

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2/8/2013That cat is so cute
12/18/2011Since your only contribution is a BS flag here's some input for you.
11/17/2011Jag off...lol..haha!
11/4/2011JUST LOOK AT IT! Missed you! - Vision Thing
11/4/2011Nice to see something lighthearted from the animal world around us.
11/4/2011Your posts are always uplifting and original! Thanks!
11/4/2011Nice goat thanks
10/20/2011Wrong perhaps stop watching tv sheep
10/18/2011ICE has his beliefs no need for calling him a dumbfuck, makes you look like a redneck dumbfuck.
10/17/2011He is an ass
10/16/2011What a goober!
10/14/2011Cute Eyebrow puppie! CD
9/3/2011Don't use that flag again

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