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4/1/2019Fuck these Qtard motherfuckers. Same losers as sandyhook and 2012. IDIOTS. Green for staying solid
4/1/2019Nice on Q.. CP
3/12/2019The wall is being built sorry you can't see it from canada moron.
2/18/2019Fallout games
2/16/2019You're an idiot if you have faith in any politician ~~sseess
2/7/2019I was waiting for someone to say that, lol~kpm~
2/2/2019The truth hurts, no?
2/2/2019Please punch yourself in your micro-dick
1/21/2019You don't have good eye for picture analyzing.
1/20/2019Your existence within humanity is corrosive. End it, do everyone a favor.
1/20/2019YOU think like a freeloading moslem pedo
1/20/2019Typical entitled union . Nuff said. You'd be fired without it.
1/20/2019Union troll
1/20/2019No proof that the road rager was " a GLPer ".
1/20/2019I totally get it now. Meddler
1/20/2019The working world is not bullshit
1/20/2019Not letting employer walk all over you oniongrass
1/20/2019Good post about work
1/18/2019You are a dumb cunt like your mother....or your father
1/17/2019I'm tired of how damn stupid you are....how about go fucking yourself a lil bit in your own greasy asshole
1/17/2019Thanks man means allot.. Trying times, it's bound too get worse, you make good points,.. ~Ring
1/17/2019A good person
1/17/2019For being a decent person and having compassion for those not so fortunate. Paranoiaaaaa
1/16/2019Its borderline RUDE and insulting
1/15/2019Good rant on kitty-litter...beenth​ruthat...
1/13/2019You're melting
1/12/2019You don't deserve a green.
1/12/2019Thanks for posting that Yer Blues vid. That's my era of music. R.
1/12/2019Hahaha dabbing in the street lol
1/12/2019Good post about bezos
1/11/2019Money buys you the power to get away with killing children. Never deny #PizzaGate. There are billions more victims screaming. So true! Green for continuing to fight for the children Xx msmc
1/8/2019For accusing Trump of pedo crimes
1/6/2019I agree - people are assets and will be needed if shit hits the fan. Civilization must prevail!
1/6/2019D. 50
1/6/2019Stay in Canuckistan tard
1/6/2019Right on!!
1/6/2019"when social media disappears the cloud of retardation will dissipate..." TS
1/5/2019Here's hoping for some Saturday DOOOOOM!!!! ~ WyatteSmith
1/5/2019Lol (gas doom) ~ladedah
1/4/2019Your comments and picture match
1/1/2019Horsepower from BigBlock
12/30/2018Greatest mangos shrimp video ever …....percival
12/29/2018For schooling liteafart on Trump.
12/23/2018Thank you! -billfountain
12/23/2018Merry Christmas from Ostria
12/21/2018Lol... veggietarian food just needs bacon..~Maiya
12/12/2018You are a fktard
12/9/2018Liberal scum!
12/8/2018For wanting a woman POTUS
12/8/2018Bald headed giant dildo comment +1 4 U /WBW
12/6/2018She deserves it because she had to have sex with him
12/3/2018You re a troll or a shill ahahah
12/1/2018I hate you but I love you. I love you but I hate you. I hate you but I love you. I love you but I hate you. I hate you but I love you. I love you but I hate you.
12/1/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
12/1/2018I hate meth
12/1/2018For the great 'hate' thread' - Louis in Richmond
12/1/2018We are winning....Carol B.
12/1/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/29/2018Made Of Excriment. Satans helper. Loser. Ugly. Troll
11/18/2018Another soft guy douche on the interwebs
11/18/2018Another "Bad guy" of GLP
11/11/2018The Presidential touch down
11/11/2018I'm female. green for comment about Paris protestors. WorldofMadness
11/11/2018Melania sends her love
11/11/2018Good analysis on Femens
11/11/2018You have an odd looking face!
11/11/2018Topless Femen protester post, well said
11/10/2018You aren't a bad guy! Thank you for answring Q. Pooka
11/8/2018Your avatar makes me moist!
11/8/2018You are a Statist animal 54321...! Jail story
11/7/2018For George :) Beso
11/5/2018Trolling, unconstructive comment derailing the genuine conversation
11/4/2018For your sexually disturbing comment
11/4/2018Greenade incoming to offset the retard red....saved
11/4/2018Worry about your own Marxist socialist country.
11/4/2018Lol chasiittity!
11/4/2018Any US CITZ
11/3/2018Oilfield workers
11/3/2018Being a voice of sanity.
10/31/2018It's your day for green...wait what do you mean that's not a costume?
10/28/2018"Declare martial law and have the U.N take over the government until the most basic issues are resolved."
10/26/2018Children in Mcribs...Lance from BC
10/18/20181 transvestigations
10/18/2018Cake is the burnt crap at the bottom of the oven
10/12/2018Weak faggot socialist geeks go extinct tho
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