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H1's Karma

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11/16/2014Thanks for the translation. French is a beautiful language. JPOP
11/16/2014Thanks for translatimg - TTrawler
11/14/2014Friday good karma for you - Aspamce
11/8/2014Thanks for bringing up my Mali post! -alobe
11/8/2014RE: TERROR PLOT TO ASSASSINATE QUEEN. I thought your post great and to the point. MySaul
11/1/2014To off set the red= Frostback
11/1/2014Green for you, because red idiots suck... ~BSZ
11/1/2014Another offset
10/31/2014Offset - Gomez
10/31/2014To cancel out that red sorry buddy zeldannie
10/31/2014Make up for someone giving Red~feisty
10/31/2014To help offset the red. Happy Haloween!!!
10/31/2014To help offset the red. :) Vic-chick13
10/31/2014A Rose by any Other Name - To offset the red.
10/31/2014Can't make the scene without some green - cheyenne
10/31/2014Offset the red- Happy Halloween! IndigoMoon
10/31/2014Here is some green, but PLEASE keep the karma crap out of the threads. Thx!
10/31/2014A little green ...>TPM<
10/31/2014More green to more than balance out -- from goodmockingbird
10/31/2014Green to balance out. water :)
10/31/2014To Counter the Red H1- You did right- Nerdrage88
10/31/2014Shut up.
10/31/2014Green for you!
10/28/2014Pay backs are a Bitch! Michael///KD0WSJ
10/27/2014Good to see you in the Ebola thread - Aspamce
10/12/2014Thanks for sticking up for me!! Still trying to figure out who the hell this is, for a second thought Marie, but she wouldn't be out of bed yet!!!! Michael///KD0WSJ
10/9/2014Blessings and green right back atcha! -Aspamce
10/3/2014Don't violate the copyright rules, fucktard.
9/30/2014To negate the red, Welcome to the Ebola thread ~ Feisty Lorax
9/29/2014Be at peace the world needs to know information. pool
9/29/2014Thanks for posting - cheyenne
9/29/2014Thx 4 articles! screw red - morr2itall
9/29/2014Sorry about the idiots. Vic-chick
9/29/2014Balancing the red. IndigoMoon
9/29/2014Thanks for your posts in the ebola thread and blessings to you - Aspamce
9/29/2014You'll get there eventually lol - {Epona}
9/29/2014Learn how to copy / paste THEN get back to us.
9/29/2014Welcome to the club. Momma coop
9/23/2014Never give up - never give in - whiteangel
9/17/2014Hugs! SkinnyChic
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