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1/8/2021Guided by Divine Wisdom and so forth.
12/2/2020Good Post, REINCARNATION thread----Terrebonne
12/1/2020Flattards be trippin
10/22/2020Greenest blessings from the jungle and Happy in Nature
10/8/2020Links and post.
10/6/2020Michigan is run by Stalin
10/6/2020Lol grass fed. You lost me there fella.
9/29/2020"Synopsis?" LAZY!
7/18/2020For the avatar
7/6/2020Nasty person
7/1/2020For adding to topic
7/1/2020Constructive thread! s.
6/28/2020I hope you can see something
8/20/2017You are fake news.
7/26/2017Dace wuzz heare
7/21/2017Nukes fake... is that dick in your mouth fake too?
7/17/2017Brilliant remark about projecting consciousness into objects. pool
7/12/2017Fagfagfagfagfag go watch your programs little lady
7/11/2017"this is wong...on so many levels" Hahahaha Hahahaha! :-) morgan
7/3/2017Beta cuck incel. Go whine on Oprahs web site, not a conspiracy forum fuckwad.
7/2/2017You can clean my toilet, then you'll have a reason to whine about the world holding you down. Lazy people probably shouldn't expect success in life!!
6/6/2017Trump bump :)
6/6/2017Dumb libtard asswipe faggot homo douchebag
6/6/2017Willful ignorance is worse than simple stupidity.
5/27/2017Thank you for the info. -ETM
3/16/2017My toe jam has more wisdom than a life long brain fart like you.
3/7/2017Wag of the finger. The enlightened speak the truth as best they see it. You don't.
2/27/2017Dat avotar ain't no Yul Brenner. Dat is Ming da Merfiless, you bad dude.
2/27/2017Good reading ability...porkchop
2/27/2017Asked for chicks with dicks pix.
2/27/2017Karma bitching
2/21/2017Gnostic fool
2/20/2017You know full well Bhudist's have done some serious atricities. Rape of Nanking among others.
2/20/2017Take your anti-Christian bull-shit and go away.
2/17/2017From Beer
1/16/2017What do you know of Azura? check out The Extreme Reality Puppet Show! only on: YOUTUBE
11/16/2016Pig shit race traitor
10/16/2016You like twinks, don't you?
9/30/2016Compassion is important yet you are still without wisdom. Seek Christ my brother :)
9/4/2016Made me work - Click Here
9/3/2016Your condescending attitude is whats bullshit
8/23/2016My dog seemed nervous at first, but I comforted him and he got mellow in his high, lol -eagleheart
8/21/2016Cool Avatar - Click Here
8/21/2016Rap suck - tard01
7/6/2016Thanks for 'art of dying' link - interesting read !
7/4/2016Third eye tard
6/17/2016Thanks for the Human Anatomy M.E. video~~~ Raye
4/18/2016Another Oztard paid shill with a Dragonball Z avatar.
4/15/2016You have been led so far astray that you think its your duty to lead others down the same wrong path, you will pay dearly for this in the afterlife
4/15/2016Tesla was flat earther
4/7/2016For catering to a forum hater
4/2/2016Just because- NaturalMess
4/1/2016Way to Ruin it
3/12/2016Good video, thanks for posting--Energy X-Ray Scanners thread----Terrebonne
3/12/2016ASS ur like a production
3/12/2016Lol...guns made by demons. fucking clueless cunt.
3/10/2016You'll see
2/28/2016Good taste in music - plasmic
2/24/2016Counter to the double Anderson_G
2/23/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/21/2016Smoke em!
2/6/2016You're an idiot.
2/6/2016Flat tard faggot
1/31/2016Thanks for your support....grumpier
1/31/2016Ha ha.TRUTH though..Thank you for responding.
1/22/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/20/2016Tard comment: "Guns are the spawn of hell-realm beings".
1/17/2016<3 KimmieAnnaJones
1/14/2016Stop hating the white man, racist scum
12/31/2015The thread isn't about rap, doofus it's about gay dindus. duh Gordo with your crap music. did you even watch it?
12/25/2015Nice info on mount Meru, Rx
12/18/2015Nujabes is the shit
12/12/2015Good post!
11/8/20151 for truth ~Oracio
11/4/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/28/2015Nice handle
7/26/2015Green for quoting about race in madam blavatsky thread
4/17/2015Keen observation about venus
3/27/2015Just stop buying their toxic garbage
3/25/2015For Yassein Bey!! Astor
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