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BamaGirl73's Karma

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6/18/2022Green - Big Daddy D
4/9/2021Green - Big Daddy D
2/28/2021Green - Big Daddy D
2/1/2020Green - Big Daddy D
4/14/2018Penguin87 left this here in memory of Av19
3/13/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/12/2018I'm drunk karma - Zed
3/12/2018From 5.0%
3/9/2018Much love and big hugs from Holland. InterMezzo : )
3/6/2018Love GFG
3/4/2018Xoxo ~SLC
3/2/2018A big Roll Tide Green - Big Daddy D
3/1/2018Alabama green. BushMaster
2/28/2018Reported Abusive Post
2/24/2018Thank you
2/21/2018Reported Abusive Post
2/20/2018Reported Abusive Post
2/18/2018Thanks much for posting in my GLP improv page, savcash
2/17/2018Green from Cartel!
2/15/2018Green from Goneviral
2/15/2018All I have in this world is my green and my word... and I don't break 'em for no one - Mike Ehrmantraut
2/12/2018I like your style - MultiStrada
2/12/2018Fuckin A! -Rev
2/12/2018Nothing is impossible for the Father. TheLordsServant
2/11/2018A logical thinker. Someone whom sees the truth and calls it for what it is.
2/8/2018For our being on D50s banned list ~FarMore
2/8/2018From 5.0% The South Will Rise Again!
2/7/2018Just because green ~ monkeyflower. :)
2/6/2018<3 <3 <3
2/6/2018'BAMA! Anyone who hates frauding scum is A-1 in my book ; )
2/6/2018Last one
2/6/2018Dont whine about karma
2/6/2018Not you too!
2/6/2018Beeches hello
2/4/2018Nice post ~~sseess
2/3/2018It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of green, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses - Mike Ehrmantraut
2/2/2018I'm drunk green - Zed
1/31/2018You're awesome! -Nameless the Deplorable
1/30/2018“The Lord God is in control! ALWAYS!!” YES!!!! -Freckle Face
1/30/2018God bless you and keep you. Toprance
1/29/2018YEAH Green for PRAYERS for all those Patriots & our President!
1/27/2018Ummmmm.... cake, please. - Dace =-)
1/25/2018Reported Abusive Post
1/25/2018Reported Abusive Post
1/25/2018Thanks BamaGirl! Semper Fi
1/25/2018Hugs across the ocean. InterMezzo : )
1/24/2018Patriotic rant. Awesome. ~FarMore
1/24/2018Greenade incoming for your southern support!...saved
1/24/2018Damn straight. -Rev
1/24/2018I miss all my snow :( - Zed
1/22/2018Monday GREEN!!! ~WyatteSmith
1/21/2018Bring it on! re - most shocking in American history - curry nosher :-)
1/18/2018What she said!!!
1/17/2018Great Green Gift of Good Karma for You! ~ A Friend
1/15/2018Reported Abusive Post
1/14/2018Congratulations on yalls victory in the national championship game! Bush Master
1/13/2018Hey Bama Girl im a southern boy who loves the truth...greenade incoming!...saved
1/13/2018Green from OldWhiteGuy for Jesus
1/12/2018Thank you for your heartfelt prayers - SilverPatriot
1/11/2018Green - Big Daddy D
1/2/2018100% spot on!!!!- on the Somalia rapeist PG woman thread ...Lilopin
1/1/2018Happy New Year! - Zed
1/1/2018Happy New Year! Much love and hugs across the ocean. InterMezzo : )
12/29/2017Refreshing to see someone on this earth can admit to fault and accept responsibilities. Kudos!
12/28/2017Happy New Year, BG!! ~SLC
12/28/2017Congrats on the upgrade ~ Cartel
12/27/2017Hope y'all have a grea New Year. B.MASTER
12/25/2017Merry Christmas - Big Daddy D
12/25/2017Green from OldWhiteGuy
12/24/2017Merry Christmas! -Rev
12/24/2017Merry Christmas!....love-lo​ve, cosmicgypsy
12/23/2017Merry Christmas Love GFG
12/22/2017Roll tide
12/22/2017HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! - Mike Ehrmantraut
12/21/2017Thanks for posting! I’m a bama girl, too. ~BrokedownPalace
12/19/2017From humbird
12/19/2017Merry Christmas and God Bless ~ Cartel
12/17/2017Reported Abusive Post
12/17/2017You're just jealous you greasy hillbilly.
12/15/2017Bad Ass Biker Green. ~RG
12/15/2017Thank you, BamaGirl. from last one
12/12/2017Howdy! -Rev
11/30/2017Dace wuzz heare =-)
11/24/2017Appreciated your Thread
11/24/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
11/22/2017Thanksgiving green ~ Cartel with the turkey-day wave
11/19/2017Reported Abusive Post
11/19/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/19/2017Reported Abusive Post
11/16/2017Stay healthy - Zed
11/14/2017Goneviral Green
11/14/2017"There's a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen, and be the green." - Mike Ehrmantraut
11/14/2017Beeches for your thread.
11/14/2017Fab post on earthquake near guam you beat me to it x
11/14/2017Nice find. Thanks for sharing. -InPneuma
11/14/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
11/14/2017Green - Big Daddy D
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