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12/12/2020Great thread about The thoughts :) - ThePassenger
8/13/2020Racist trash
11/8/2017Thanks for the information, MONSTER
11/7/2017Fuck your star of Rephaim biyatch.
9/28/2017SJW tard...
9/21/2017For limitless hypocracy.
9/18/2017Green cos you seem a decent person - curry nosher :-)
9/17/2017Incorrect, Stop spreading lies. Idiot
9/17/2017Typical dindu kang.
9/17/2017Shut your stinken cunt mouth, fucking lbtard faggot loser. Fuck you.
9/17/2017Wow! You have an extremely low IQ.
9/17/2017Yet they cost us much much much more than all those totalled
9/14/2017All your red should be telling you something.
9/12/2017Bs, not the gospel of Jesus Christ
9/12/2017Go tell it to World Star Hip Hop. Bet you never have before vain person.
9/10/2017Back at you
9/5/2017Nope. You are generalizing. He was calling them out on their behavior, common to their culture. They earned it.
9/2/2017Your stoopid is astounding!
9/2/2017Stop sucking off blacks
9/2/2017Individual judgement. LTHN.
8/30/2017Working towards that permanent I see... I'll be back a few times each week to help.
8/29/2017Fuck you and blacks
8/29/2017Wow you are retarded powerofnothing
8/27/2017Peace be with you
8/24/2017BLM supporting shitbag with a reverse racist complex. Also is a MAGA faggot
8/23/2017Cool post
8/18/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/17/2017Eat a black dik
8/17/2017I look forward to the culling
8/16/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/16/2017Insane drivel from an absolute maniac
8/15/2017Wash your ass. I can smell it from here
8/13/2017God created nature - you worship the creation not the creator
8/13/2017Through Christ, we overcome. LTHN.
8/12/2017USA against Dindu, Canadian welfare rats
7/22/2017Such bullshit.
7/19/2017You negros can't even seem intelligent through an internet forum. You're permanently cursed with a challenged intellect. Just shut up and hang your head in shame.
7/18/2017Agreed, ruling people through division, hate and ignorance
7/18/2017Pure blessings, faggot.
7/17/2017Green for spreading good vibes today. LTHN.
7/10/201707/10/2017 08:26 pm
6/15/2017Racist White Hater
6/11/2017Shut your stinking piehole, judgemental cunt.
6/10/2017What does your poo smell like?
6/10/2017Kind words, enjoy your day, happiness to you, sacred energy :)
6/7/2017Great thread!
5/30/2017Congratsulations on your gay thread. Now take one star and fuck off, cuntbag.
5/8/2017Great info!
5/7/2017You're right about a large number of posters on the site. I just gave you red because you're being a dick about it.
5/7/2017Mr perfect u r not.
5/6/2017Stop hating white people, you fucking racist scum!
5/6/2017Working hard for the Red!
5/6/2017Rev Woo-Woo was here
5/4/2017Love Ellusion :)
4/28/2017Well thought out advice
4/24/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
4/19/2017Shut yer stinking piehole, asswipe.
3/31/2017Fucking idiot
3/28/2017Great post on hate and demonic activity. Thanks a bunch. ~White Gloves
3/18/2017Why do you seem to be generalizing? ~ Is a better question.
3/11/2017Have a red thumb in the eye.
2/22/2017Looks like you need some green
2/3/2017Enjoy your day happiness to you sacred energy :)
1/23/2017Stop hating white people, you fucking racist scum!
1/22/2017Go back to your banana tree.
1/21/2017For the simple life and a return to Eden - Rev Woo-Woo
1/17/2017Greenest kindness -Lionels Love
1/15/2017Libtard Idiot
1/14/2017Ooh, ooh, ahh ahh ahh! Take the nanner and run.
1/6/2017"native" americans are from Asia, you stupid dumb fuck libtard.
1/6/2017I like jazz. Still can't stand naggers.
10/28/2016Dumb fuck stinking libtard
10/26/2016Good px
9/11/2016For the thread on cuisine . Perfect reposte! Doobie
8/29/2016Good advice
8/23/2016Native. Fuck off.
8/20/2016Canadians should be quite about US politics
8/18/2016Green for you and no TV for me ;) ~ Dip Warrior
7/31/2016Greenest kindness -Lionels Love
7/31/2016AcidCat green :thanks: :cheers: :hf:
7/20/2016Shit for brains!
7/20/2016Interesting point. But direct it at your fellow knee grows for once. And then maybe yourself, idiot.
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