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NawtyBits's Karma

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10/26/2014God bless you abundantly....Arnie
10/25/2014Ebola thread green - Epona
10/24/2014Green to offset your red. Happened to me too and I'm clueless since I don't post much ~momnplanmode
10/24/2014For all you do! IndigoMoon
10/24/2014To offset the red, we would be lost without you in Ebola thread - Aspamce
10/23/2014WTH?? most responsible poster on GLP!! ... keep it up... >TPM<
10/23/2014Ebola thread green! -auntiebeads
10/23/2014Offset the bad... feisty
10/23/2014Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
10/23/2014Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
10/23/2014Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
10/23/2014Thanks for your hard work.
10/22/2014Thank you for all the news. water
10/20/2014Great posts
10/19/2014Turnip truck :) Mia
10/18/2014Cause I luv you JPOP
10/17/2014FOR CONTROLLING YOUR ANGER. An for all you work, ALL that you do. AND for putting up with ME.Michael///KD0WSJ
10/17/2014Thanks for your posts - cheyenne
10/16/2014Zobie Daddy in a Box
10/16/20141 thanks for info. imjustsayin barbara
10/16/2014Nice. pool
10/15/2014Nice post
10/15/2014Great post in Ebola thread - Aspamce
10/15/2014Ty for your wonderful contributions to ebola thread ~Westsail
10/15/2014For all you do! IndigoMoon
10/14/2014Important info spread, thanks
10/14/2014Good info on Ebola mate- Nerdrage88sasr
10/13/2014Ebola thread thanks from Crazy H
10/13/2014Hugs! SkinnyChic
10/12/2014How about some help for those of us with seriously compromised immune systems?
10/12/2014Roger on the timepieces and thx
10/12/2014Good advice-bring calm back to the thread - Gomez
10/12/2014Level headed as usual, H1
10/11/2014Ebola updates, thanks -auntiebeads
10/11/2014Good night water
10/9/2014Your my fav JPOP
10/9/2014Thanks for all your hard work!!
10/8/2014Keep up the good work-ricky retardo
10/6/2014Thanks for digging up those stories! Cheyenne
10/6/2014I'm starting to get a little concerned over Ebola... Ok.. more than a little!!! -- Klasikatica!
10/6/2014Keeping up the ebola news!
10/4/2014Snow in October? wow. was 80 plus today. good night. water
10/2/2014Thank you for work on ebola thread
10/2/2014God Bless - whiteangel
10/2/2014Keep up the good work! -TK
10/2/2014It's hug an athiest day. HUGS. pool
10/1/2014Thanks for staying on this info! Ohio Chic
10/1/2014For staying on ebola awareness. ChiaPet
10/1/2014For all the the info and updates on the Ebola thread -ab
9/30/2014Well we all knew this day would happened but hoped against it Ebola Dallas,Texas-Zombie Daddy in a Box
9/30/2014We wish! We most sincerely wish!!
9/29/2014Hnrybrwn dude is a little out there, huh? thanks for the posts, ricky retardo
9/29/2014Ebola info dumps - Thanks - Gomez
9/29/2014TY 4 all your ebola updates!! -Morr
9/26/2014How long will it take you to complain about this karma you don't care about? LOL
9/25/2014Your post re Ghana - that doc is spot on - Aspamce
9/24/2014Informative and active
9/24/2014Mke up for the red Feisty lorax
9/24/2014Thanks for Ebola thread posts >CH
9/24/2014I appreciate your posts. Thought it was Lamplite complaining! Michael///KD0WSJ
9/24/2014Hi NawtyBits, great work and thanks for your efforts ~ Warrior Poet.
9/24/2014For having to deal with arrogant dicks
9/24/2014For being an arrogant dick
9/23/2014GREAT WORK. pool
9/21/2014Thanks for the awesome work doomerette requirements! LylaB
9/20/2014Daily massive info dump. Thanks - Gomez
9/19/2014Hugs! SkinnyChic
9/18/2014For the Red karma. ricki Retardo
9/18/2014Because green is a happier color than red. :) IndigoMoon
9/18/2014To counter the red - the jerks - whiteangel
9/18/2014Green for the red. Mia
9/18/2014Zombie Daddy in a Box keep up the great work on the Ebola/MERS Thread
9/18/2014Amazing work on ebola thread
9/17/2014Keep up the good work! Awesome!
9/17/2014Momma coop
9/17/2014NawtyBits is always there with the right information at the right time!
9/17/2014For all your excellent contributions on the Ebola thread. THANKS ~BSZ
9/16/2014Good post with audio access
9/16/2014ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! In MARCH???? Oh, this is not good at all. Thanks for the finding!
9/14/2014Keeping it going! pool
9/12/2014Tried to pin the AP thread but there were too many -bkleinkn
9/9/2014Thanks again for all the updates! --Klasikatica
9/7/2014Your diligence, even if karma doesn't matter. IndigoMoon
9/5/2014Ebola Thread~ Lorax
9/5/2014Thanks for all your work on the ebola thread :)
9/5/2014Yeoman's work in the ebola thread
9/5/2014For doing such a great job - whiteangel
9/3/2014GREAT REPORTS. pool
9/2/2014For your updates in Ebola/MERS thread :) / Lyonesse
9/2/2014Thank you for all your HARD WORK on the EBOLA THREAD-Zombie Daddy in a Box.
9/1/2014Keeping us up to date - cheyenne
9/1/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/25/2014Thanks for the continuing updates -- Klasikatica
8/22/2014TGIF Zombie Daddy in a Box
8/20/2014GREAT UPDATES. pool
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