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11/23/2023Porn is an outlet valve
10/19/2023Get some help.
10/4/2023Shut up Ukraine shill
8/21/2023Keep up the good fight
8/10/2023Yes--they are paid shills. Which is why you have received a slew of red.
7/19/2023Shit talking dumb cunt
7/19/2023Jesus is God
6/29/2023Green for you -StonedQuaker
6/26/2023You seem butthurt dogman
6/16/2023Some green to help offset the opinions of small minds. - FW
5/18/2023There are some very good people in this world - yes great post. Sloane
5/18/2023Please get some help.
5/17/2023Another GLP retard
4/30/2023This is just a dream
4/26/2023For speaking against Pu :)
3/29/2023Good thread on video from Turkley! green karma for you! -- Digital mix guy Spock
3/19/2023Just don't make anything up.
3/17/2023I suspect you have brain damage
3/12/2023Thanks for visiting Atheist thread. ~Tonight we Ride!
2/19/2023Putin told me to punish you, you dipshit.
2/14/2023Should change name to Dogturd.
2/3/2023Grammaton Cleric
1/31/2023Nice post
1/17/2023Please get some help, you useful idiot.
1/17/2023Russia propaganda my asshole, oh wait that's US propaganda
1/11/2023Backs Ukrainiac murderer's.
1/7/2023Retard Biden Puffer
12/23/2022Please move to Ukraine
11/7/2022Yes it is
10/24/2022Great post and we will see.
10/23/2022Dogman with dogshit for brains
10/5/2022Commie dog
10/2/2022Are you also a bullshit idiot?
8/31/2022Derp u commie
8/18/2022Too bad you got your feelings hurt
7/15/2022Russia will destroy you
7/15/2022You deserve this.
7/15/2022NWO swamp pole smoker
7/14/2022Aint had pussy since pussy had you
7/14/2022Thankyou dogman17... Mother Maggie
7/2/2022Piece of shit
6/28/2022Nazi propagandist
6/24/2022What a cunt
6/9/2022Penis pumper
5/27/2022Dirty dog!
5/27/2022Fucking globalist cunt
5/21/2022Dumb comment
5/7/2022Over target
5/5/2022You are right about Putin.
5/1/2022NWO stooge for the commies is what you sound like
5/1/2022NWO bootlicker and george soros cocksucker
4/28/2022Because you deserve this red
4/26/2022For post about Twitter:) JanJan
4/19/2022Wow youre retarded. worst flag on the planet yet lying about russia
4/18/2022Idiotic disinformation
4/18/2022You are right, they are wrong. - SugarSand
4/17/2022Dipshit NWO dick licker
4/10/2022Jesus, you're stupid
3/27/2022Idiot shill
3/27/2022Stop believing what you watch on CNN
3/26/2022NWO asslicker
3/21/2022Jesus would not be associated with Pol Pot, Mao or Stalin. Hence he would not call his self a Humanist.
3/20/2022Much love & Namaste! ~ Herrere
3/15/2022Practice your reading comprehension skills, it would serve you well
3/9/2022Chinga tu madre
3/3/2022Your mom didnt have anything better to do than your retard dad and now your dumbass is here
2/28/2022Get another shot.
2/27/2022Stupid you.
2/22/2022Very low IQ
2/16/2022WE need to kept in line? You need to be 6 feet under, snowflake bitch!
2/14/2022Yes you dumb fuck. Russia is allowed to take Russian land back you retarded turdbrain
2/13/2022Special intrests write the narrative
2/1/2022It got run over by a maga truck train
1/30/2022Haha, have a ‘live aid’ bs concert with Neil Young. Perfect.
1/28/20221 for the pierogi joke!
1/28/2022Poor post
1/27/2022Gold - cf
1/26/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
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