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Lily o' the Valley's Karma

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4/22/2016From Hila Witkutin
4/22/2016Have a good weekend Lily! Ag47 :)
4/21/2016Green for everyone! I'm buying! - Sobriquet
4/19/2016No interest in your shitty opinions
4/18/2016Great points on the sick and tired thread Lily! Isis One
4/18/2016Monday morning karma from indiandave,
4/16/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
4/15/2016Gracias... Saddletramp
4/14/2016Love Ellusion :)
4/14/2016Hope all is well with you! :) Ag47
4/12/2016Tomato pruning:) Buster1
4/10/2016Green from indiandave.
4/9/2016Good Karma tonight - Sobriquet
4/8/2016Thanks for the advice for the sick. Dr. RW
4/6/2016Hump Day Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
4/1/2016Good karma from indiandave.
4/1/2016Much love sister ~TM(N)L
4/1/2016Have a great weekend Lily! Ag47
3/28/2016Shed cabin! My favorite topic! xo Vision Thing
3/28/2016Love this thread. Centurion... Thank YOU!
3/28/2016For the bug out cabin thread Carol B.
3/28/2016Love GFG
3/28/2016For your cabin post. <3 FoShizzle
3/28/2016Bug out shelter jdfearl
3/28/2016Thank you for sharing
3/28/2016Bug out Cabins, a very good thread! Thanks - Tesla
3/28/2016Thank you for calling me a gentle man :) ~ Pyax
3/28/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
3/28/2016Thank you for bug out info. serena
3/27/2016Spring green for you - Sobriquet
3/26/2016Happy Easter! ~DMW~
3/25/2016TGIF from indiandave.
3/23/2016Just Because! ~Doxie Den~
3/22/2016Hope you're having a great week! Ag47
3/22/2016We here in Holland have no problem, our Belgium nieghbours have..grumpier
3/20/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
3/19/2016Happy belated green! - Sobriquet
3/19/2016Agree with you
3/18/2016Hello from beeches again. lovely avatar!
3/18/2016For sharing about your daughter, thank you :) 141
3/17/2016St. Paddy's Day green for that pretty avatar!!! --CBH
3/17/2016Green from indiandave.
3/16/2016Love Ellusion :)
3/14/2016More power! - thetoolman
3/12/2016Time for your green spanking - The Comedian
3/11/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
3/11/2016Good Thread you created on Neil Bush and Silverado S&L! How easily, people forget - Tesla
3/10/2016Cruz is a bush....pizzaholic
3/10/2016Much appreciated....grumpi​er
3/10/2016Good karma from indiandave.
3/9/2016Hope all is well on your end! Ag47 :)
3/8/2016Early Spring greeeeeen for you! - Sobriquet
3/8/2016Close-minded pro life knob
3/7/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
3/7/2016Much love sister ~TM(N)L
3/7/2016Philippians 1:2 - DR3ADN0T
3/6/2016Sunday Green :) savcash Thanks for posting in my trump vids thread!
3/6/2016"The Program" thread -- ScoutsOUT
3/6/2016Green for you! Very sad Pastor Tim is very popular here!
3/3/2016Great post
3/3/2016Grreen fur the good amongst us, furry pete
3/2/2016For common sense ~Doxie Den~
3/2/2016Green from indiandave.
3/1/2016Green thanks, Lily...davvi
3/1/2016Green Love! ~DMW~
2/28/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
2/28/2016Love ya lily! :D calx
2/27/2016Hugs - Ernie and Lily say Hi!
2/23/2016Good karma from indiandave.
2/22/2016"Thought Lice" - Wordsworth
2/21/2016Thanks for the support ~TMNL
2/21/2016The Discoverers by Daniel J Boorstin book cover, thanks for the reminder - Plaguefist resident lurker
2/20/2016Cause you have common sense - Pulltab
2/20/2016Excellent replies on germans chanting at refugees - Hugh G
2/19/2016Exactly like a plague GMO is everywhere
2/18/2016For all you do - Sobriquet
2/18/2016Hallo! :D calx
2/16/2016Good karma from indiandave.
2/16/2016Green hugs from Scrump!
2/15/2016Reported Abusive Post
2/15/2016Thanks much for posting in my DT mexico thread! savcash
2/15/2016Good comments on Scalia! I hope all is well for you Lily - Tesla
2/14/2016Green lillies for Lily on Valentine's Day ! :p ~TML
2/12/2016Great posts on commie state sponsored murder! You're 100% exactly right - as usual Hugh G
2/12/2016"Not enough trees" green for you...davvi
2/12/2016Bizarre Verewolf
2/11/2016Thank you! Peace & Blessings.- Helios Maximus
2/11/2016Happy Thursday friend! Ag47 :)
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