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KidCharlemagne's Karma

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11/16/2015Greenings from Böze Tante :)
11/16/2015Muzzie lover
11/12/2015Hello Kidcharlemagne :) Love Iset
10/24/2015What fer? CAT FUR! To make a pair of kitten mittens! : )
10/23/2015For calling out AC 63930380. Thank you!
10/21/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/21/2015Self-employed green. -Revbo
10/19/2015For being a Goldthwait fan! I'll have to sour the net for the clip you mentioned. St3v3
10/10/2015Seems to be like minded
9/28/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/28/2015You opened your mouth again so have some more red!
9/28/2015Here's one for the false accusation
9/28/2015Welcome to zero.
9/26/2015From MadBob - 17 Points - Tell The TRUTH
9/23/2015Up yours too! catholic perv!!
9/22/2015Great point!
9/20/2015Negs rule -undestroyer
9/19/2015You're in the wrong house
9/15/2015God is on my side
9/8/2015Hugs, Kira hates me too, lol- Glass Shield
9/8/2015Fuck off.
9/1/2015Jazzy green!
8/31/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/31/2015Green! Hugs, Meg
8/30/2015Gives red and calls people names
8/26/2015Expertise? ROFL... B-roll/cutaways are used live ALL THE TIME... Educate yourself next time before you get all butthurt.
8/23/2015Idiot! esoterica. :)
8/23/2015You're no idiot. - MisfitToy
8/4/2015Slipping someone ludes to have sex with them is rape
7/18/2015Thanks for your input!
7/15/2015This is TheOldTimer....even my neighbors are outside looking up!!!
7/15/2015Damn, you're a go-getter!! pool

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