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Rentaigen's Karma

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3/21/2019Tens of dollars! XD The Vigilant
2/4/2019Methane no gh effect-n
1/20/2019You are low IQ
1/16/2019For resurrecting OLD threads just to post low-IQ comments to prove your stupidity. Go play in traffic, asshole.
1/2/2019You're sexist but correct in your immgration stance -Brightside
12/16/2018First roll he's ever declined
11/29/2018For what it's worth, I understand your perspective - Janedoenut
11/19/2018Well said, true understanding of the Constitution - NutShell
11/18/2018Well written
11/18/2018On the 2nd
11/18/2018WOO! Shooty-shoots!
11/18/2018Beautifully penned 2A statement...Lance From BC! I'd give you 4 greens...but alas can nly do 1
11/18/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
11/18/20182nd Amendment
11/17/2018Thanks for posting in my Jim Acosta’s thread, have great week, savcash
11/11/2018For trading your precious few remaining brain cells for a Soros pat on the back
11/11/2018It's just not going to work out for you here. Might as well just stay away and play with your little pecker instead. In other words, GO FUCK YOURSELF
11/10/2018How bout you go fuck yourself, k?
11/10/2018Just dumb
11/10/2018Get The Fuck Off This Site.
11/10/2018And no one gives a single, solitary fuck what you think. With your dumbass handle.
10/14/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/26/2018Buthurt over Trump’s texts
9/22/2018For being such a nice & caring human! safe travels home!
9/21/2018Nice post
9/20/2018Succinct summation of the fall of the Republic.~Fluffy Pancakes
9/15/2018Every thread of your being. Yo Adrian
9/12/2018True, so true
9/9/2018Reasonable conversation
8/30/2018Dumb comment
8/30/2018Possibly like your reply... maybe.. ok yeah
8/30/2018Excellent discussion, thank you! - Click Here
9/20/2014For trying so so hard and still missing every target :) ~ dawa
9/20/2014A diseased soul is the worst of all beings to encounter.
9/19/2014Green for your style...Jazzy!
9/4/2014Welcome to the Barda thread, you need some green - from RefreshPage

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