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Raye's Karma

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7/31/2015Have a great weekend! Ag47
7/30/2015Green Smile from Lady Jane Smith
7/26/2015Moved to Holly Lake Ranch. luv ii. Hard Eight
7/25/2015A Raye of sunshine~ Chugiakian
7/25/2015No wa-la another sun, sorry.
7/25/2015Another sun indeed....it'sall relative
7/25/2015Going around makes the coming around better... L
7/25/2015Back at ya, Raye! Some weekend green....ThePatGirl xo
7/20/2015Thanks! KimmieAnnaJones
7/12/2015Thanks for the green - Turtle
7/11/2015Thanks for the post Gay Bomb Zookeeper
7/10/2015Hi from Ralph--a house dog
7/5/2015Green karma to upgrade someone else's account -kira
7/5/2015OXI EleKtroN was here :)
7/5/2015Tsk tsk
7/5/2015For helping
7/4/2015Thank you ! - Loveexists
6/29/2015Green by Zod!
6/28/2015Green for ya! :) digital mix guy
6/26/2015Texas strong! -SmokingLoon
6/26/2015Thanks...Always keep ur eye on the sky!....ThePatGirl:)
6/24/2015Lean, green karmic machine - Sobriquet
6/24/2015Thanks, Ag47
6/24/2015Fire Watch~
6/24/2015Almost hump day green... Saddletramp
6/23/2015No Dhimmi Greenery
6/21/2015Green by Zod!
6/18/2015Hello from Lady Jane Smith
6/17/2015It ain't easy giving Green.
6/14/2015I'm glad I could make you lol
6/14/2015Hi from Ralph--a house dog
6/13/2015Thanks Twilight Zone buddy. *H2O Bro
6/12/2015Thanks for the karma! ~~ Let Freedom Ring
6/12/2015Thanks, Raye. -Revbo
6/11/2015Green by Zod!
6/11/2015For validating the TransJenner Satanic Agenda...I replied to u again w/ even more horror - check it out...thePatGirl
6/10/2015Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
6/8/2015Thanks! Here's one right back at ya! :) - Dease
6/4/2015Got Green? - Sobriquet
6/3/2015Greens for a fellow kitty caregiver! TrustNoOneKS
6/1/2015Thx U for yr input on my thread- Fiji5
5/31/2015No Dhimmi Greenery
5/31/2015You are quite welcome! ; ) Shiva
5/29/2015Saddletramp was here...
5/28/2015Green back to you. Zod!
5/28/2015Luis friend my friend. :) (Neanderthal)
5/20/2015Thx green - tripleh
5/19/2015I wasnt even kidding! someone should do this. make it viral. then point out he was filming in the house and ask questions to officials.. :) T-man
5/13/2015Hello! - Sobriquet
5/12/2015Beso :)
5/11/2015Good job!!!!
5/8/2015Hope all is well on your end! Ag47
5/7/2015Thanks for the bump on this! Susie..;)
5/6/2015For your continued support on my Walmart thread! TrustNoOneKS
5/6/2015DACE SEZ hOWDEE =-)
5/6/2015Thank you! ~ Simple27 : )
5/5/2015ItsAllOneBigLie =)
5/5/2015Hugs from Lady Jane Smith
5/3/2015No Dhimmi Greenery
5/2/2015Green from -deanoZXT
4/28/2015Greetings from Ralph--a house dog (also in Texas)
4/28/2015Thanks for commenting on my Walmart thread! TrustNoOneKS
4/27/2015Camping Glen Rose what a night but safe Hard Eight
4/23/2015No Dhimmi Greenery
4/22/2015Thanks for the Common Core repeal thread for Tennessee - Resister
4/22/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
4/21/2015"Oh the questions. They never end with me." - You're gonna do good things - Sobriquet
4/20/2015Thanks. BC
4/20/2015Thank you for your information about RedPill Reports on the WalMart thread. from Eggcellent
4/16/2015BlueridgeDOOM karma
4/15/2015HI!! Hope you're doing great! :) Ag47
4/13/2015Hugs and Love ~ Three Little Lambs
4/8/2015Thanks for the Greeny: JustChillin
4/7/2015Thank you kindly. :) AnonymousGirl
4/6/2015Good thread! - Shiva
4/6/2015Thanks for your help with forgiveness!
3/31/2015Agree a televised clinton trial/congress questioning would be awsome - c4g3
3/12/2015Green to another early HS Graduate -- Lady Jane Smith
3/12/2015Thanks for your note :) ~swan~
3/12/2015And the one guy just continued barbequing, after a cop shot. Damn, thats how we do -Blueridge
3/10/2015Another of the nazis pestering the forum.
3/9/2015Best wishes to you and yours. -PsychoticSanity
3/8/2015Thank you for making my bday special! :-)
3/5/2015Reported Abusive Post
12/16/2014Great Insight ! -Dudeashaneo-
12/16/2014Thanks, Merry Christmas to you and yours as well! :) Ag47
12/14/2014Happy Holidays ~ Tell Me Lies
12/13/2014Thanks for the Greeny : JustChillin
12/12/2014Reported Abusive Post
12/12/2014Reported Abusive Post
10/20/2014For your initiative. Be safe, dear lady!
10/19/2014For going above & beyond for fellow GLPer's!
10/19/2014Be careful lol~kpm~
10/19/2014For being brave and getting the scoop! ~Zcat!
10/16/2014Hope all is well, stay alert!! Ag47
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