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Narcissistic's Karma

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6/1/2015Taylor Swift is a cunt
5/31/2015I had a few drinks, saw 20 things.-DenizenOfHell​
5/31/2015Good advice
5/31/2015Your reflection is not beautiful
5/30/2015Thanks for legal shield card- Grippya
5/30/2015Can you remove your shoe? Jellee
5/30/2015The bouncing elephant :)
5/30/2015For not getting a tattoo - Coming Soon
5/30/2015Thanks but too personal! -Blueridge
5/30/2015You're good guy! :o)
5/30/2015Awesome response
5/29/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/29/2015Thanks, buddy! -SmokingLoon
5/29/2015Mountainman15 with green
5/29/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/29/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/29/2015Not sure why you gave me red, maybe it's the hangover. IAS
5/28/2015Nice using your thinking cap. Yes, Islam sucks, but there's more to it and the shills try and simplify it. As you can see. ~SSR
5/27/2015Thanks for being real lol ~Cigar =)
5/26/2015Good dude
5/26/2015Being a chill ass dude to a random ass girl.
5/25/2015Dude get some help (I had to). Let the past go. Enjoy life.
5/24/2015Thank you very much for the upgrade! ~Hillbilly
5/23/2015AnonymousGirl :)
5/23/2015Pretty white of you .... Thank You !!!!
5/23/2015Great gesture regardless...
5/23/2015Cheers! :D calx
5/22/2015The force is strong with this one! big thanks - Baconspiracist
5/22/2015Kind soul! ~faint
5/22/2015For doing nice things - hindsight2020
5/22/2015Give me Free Stuff Slave!
5/22/2015Paying it forward
5/22/2015Nice of you! hoodrats
5/22/2015You seem very kind - sindywoow
5/22/2015Random drive by
5/22/2015YOU'RE best GLPer ever (NOFAKE)
5/22/2015For glp tithing
5/22/2015Dude is upgrading users, and that's pretty awesome.
5/22/2015Obersving now
5/22/2015Your RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) do not go unnoticed--What a wonderful soul you are!--Bodiless
5/22/2015For being nice to people ~ Feisty
5/22/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
5/22/2015Thanks for upgrade Pillar2
5/22/2015Made some people happy lol J11
5/22/2015Thankyou for upgrade, lovely person x
5/22/2015Thanks for the upgrade!!!! Diener und herr
5/22/2015Thanks so much....the bouncing elephant :)
5/22/2015Nice of you to upgrade others accounts. I have enjoyed having you around- With Love- Goddess of the sea
5/22/2015Not narcissistic at all. Thank you!!!-DenizenOfHell
5/22/2015Lulz have a good one! ~upperdecker
5/20/2015Hi - NODOOM
5/17/2015Thank you ! From Tiger1.
5/17/2015Thanks for the herpes
5/15/2015More Green 4 U - Coming Soon
5/15/2015G-d bless you and your friend too, I think you are both lucky...green thanks from davvi.
5/15/2015Ah! "Float On" was a really nice message for that sad AC. Bravo. morgan!
5/15/2015A z
5/14/2015Keeping fragile friends on earth. pool
5/14/2015Don't be a dick. Lolz ~ShillShank
5/14/2015You're avi is hot and you like Trailer Park Boys so there's that.
5/14/2015You have some great posts! -astral goat
5/14/2015Hello from beeches on Amtrak thread. still love that Amish video.
5/14/2015Brotha green from Scrump
5/10/2015Hi- NODOOM
5/10/2015To all english majors! (i am one too). :D calx
5/10/2015Tm , thanks. :)
5/9/2015Back at you!!! 4H
5/9/2015Much love ~TML
5/8/2015You're right, "submissive" is a dirty word. My only true happiness is when I chose to stay home and raise my children. Thanks for sharing the Amish video, it was really wonderful.
5/8/2015Thank you for your support! krissyinky
5/8/2015Heres some green to make up for that jerk...
5/8/2015Drugs are bad
5/8/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/8/2015Amish....loved that....wonderful people....grumpier
5/8/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/7/2015Prayers! SG
5/7/2015Reported Abusive Post
5/7/2015Heya buddy! ~ShillShank checkin in on ya! Come up to Panama City and we'll catch some fish in the surf and down some beers.
5/6/2015Alpacalips was here
5/4/2015Thanks, Jager
5/4/2015Do you know this Shill !!
5/3/2015For loving the baby eagles!
5/2/2015I want to live in the new South...Dr.Hill
5/1/2015The bacon response. Loved it. NODOOM
5/1/2015Thank you for the upgrade! Botany Girl
4/30/2015Thank You!----Deafening Silence
4/30/2015Nice debate rule thread...morgan
4/30/2015I agree, let's try and act like grown ups.
4/30/2015Thanks :) TXGal
4/30/2015Rub some bacon on it~sickandtwisted~
4/30/2015Cheers, serena
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