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auntiebeads's Karma

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6/20/2021Long overdue green love and hugs across the ocean. Hope you are staying safe and sane out there! Mezzo : )
11/5/2020Overdue green love and hugs across the ocean. Hope you are staying safe and sane out there! Mezzo : )
10/27/2020Thanks for the Fox News link! Paranoiaaaaa
5/30/2020Hey bud, hope all is good - curry nosher :-)
5/28/2020How are you doing these days MySoul
5/14/2020Love from ~T~ xx
4/29/2020Nz love from ~T~ xx
4/12/2020Some ~T~ green
3/29/2020Hugs and prayers. Hope all is well in your life. - clevercreator
3/19/2020Thank you. Please stay safe and healthy. ~Snuffie
3/18/2020Thank you! - larphillips
3/18/2020Incoming GREEN karma strike from Armchair General!!!
3/18/2020TY auntie! ~Scorpionica
3/16/2020Sending love across the ocean. Stay safe out there auntie. Mezzo : )
3/16/2020Hey man - be well - curry nosher :-)
3/15/2020Love from Angryredhead
3/8/2020Thank you Auntie. Ayr :)
3/6/2020Some weekend green bud - curry nosher :-)
3/5/2020Green for you too! ~Scorpionica
3/1/2020Sunday hugs and love across the ocean! Stay safe out there auntie! Mezzo : )
2/27/2020Thanks for green for AI thread. some green for you!! --digital mix guy
2/23/2020Green from Angryredhead
2/22/2020Thanks! T. Noticer
2/20/2020Love Ellusion :)
2/16/2020Hi Auntiebeads! And thank you for your support, things are just beginning to get interesting...saved
2/14/2020Xoxo Ricky M
2/14/2020Thank you for the Birthday Wishes ~ Much Love — Mattie :-)))
2/13/2020Happy feb 13th, from plato
2/12/2020Thanks! - larphillips
2/11/2020Sending Love and Hugs across the ocean. Stay safe out there auntie! Mezzo : )
2/6/2020Hello! ~Scorpionica
2/6/2020Corona virus thread.
2/5/2020Cheers - curry nosher :-)
2/5/2020Hugs from ~T~ xx
2/1/2020Thank you! Have a great weekend from Angryredhead
2/1/2020Special and loved. pool
1/31/2020Green from LJS
1/31/2020Love ya long time ; ) Bush Master
1/31/2020Good to see you...Toprance
1/30/2020Thank you! - larphillips
1/28/2020Hugs! ~ Simple27 : )
1/26/2020Hi auntie! ~Scorpionica
1/26/2020Sending Sunday Love and Hugs across the ocean. Keep a positive mind. We got this! Mezzo : )
1/24/2020Thanks for the green! And hell, I'm already 10 bourbons neat into my comfort zone. Peace-Lou Czar
1/23/2020Brief :)
1/23/2020From plato when auntiebeads shows up its now a party
1/20/2020Thank you! - BirdMom
1/17/2020Love love love. pool
1/11/2020Love Ellusion :)
1/3/2020Happy New Year my dear auntie! Much love and hugs from Holland, Mezzo : )
11/28/2019Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family auntie. Much love and big hugs, Mezzo : )
11/27/2019Right back at ya Patriot!...saved
11/26/2019Thanksgiving Green, hugs ~Luna~
11/21/2019Thanksgiving hugs ~kpm~
11/18/2019Psalm 127:1 Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it. TheLordsServant
11/17/2019Happy Sunday Green across the ocean! Mezzo : )
11/16/2019Yes! Praying for Louisiana Red! GOD Bless Susie...;)
11/13/2019Hugs and love from nutmeg!
11/6/2019Many thanks for your kind words~kpm~
11/5/2019Hugs ~SpiritWarrior
11/4/2019Psalm 126:3 The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad. TheLordsServant
11/4/2019From plato- wazzap auntie beads!!
11/3/2019Love and Hugs across the ocean. Happy Sunday auntie. Mezzo : )
11/1/2019Sweet. T. Noticer
11/1/2019Words of wisdom, Briefisms...Brief :)
10/27/2019Green from this Littlepixe for your posting many links to help people on the Luisport fire thread.
10/19/2019Mk greeeenn!!!
10/12/2019Thank you for your help on the Omar thread - I think this is an important topic - Blue State Rebel
10/11/2019Reported Abusive Post
10/11/2019From ~BigBlock~
10/10/2019Reported Abusive Post
10/7/2019Merci,xxx! Pour Votre Aide,j. Avais Besoin Mais Pas Letemps Pour l. Anglais
10/4/2019Sending love and hugs across the ocean! Happy Weekend auntie. Mezzo : )
9/12/2019Thundering Thursday Green across the ocean. Love and Hugs, Mezzo : )
9/1/2019Happy Sunday Love and Hugs across the ocean. Mezzo : )
8/17/2019Hello MySoul
7/22/2019Wishing you a happy week ahead auntie. Love and Hugs across the ocean. Mezzo : )
7/6/2019Love Ellusion :)
6/22/2019Love Ellusion :)
6/18/2019Such a pleasure to see you back again! Much love and biggest hugs, Mezzo : )
5/28/2019Cajun Karma for Auntibeads!!!! Thank you!. Southern Soldier...
2/24/2019Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
2/4/2019Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
1/30/2019Love GFG
1/27/2019Hugs from Holland auntie. Happy Sunday. InterMezzo : )
1/19/2019Love to you Auntie Xx so much strength sent to you too ... lovr msmc Xx
1/10/2019Matthew 5:7 Blessed are the merciful - TheLordsServant
1/2/2019Matt 5:6 Blessed are they..thirst after righteousness TheLordsServant
12/21/2018Matthew 5:4 Blessed are they that mourn - TheLordsServant
12/8/2018Matthew 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit - TheLordsServant
12/3/2018Gilets jaunes MySoul
11/30/2018John 3:16 For God so loved the world - TheLordsServant
11/28/2018Reported Abusive Post
11/27/2018Great video~kpm~
11/26/2018Love GFG
11/26/2018Glad I could help. Brief :)
10/30/2018Love GFG
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