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2/19/2018Your health advice is terrible
6/27/2017Love your posts-hope you r doing ok -green from Sassy Granny
6/25/2017Buddy list green share! return the favor!
6/14/2017So we are too lazy and stoned and scared to fight?? you better be right or your kind will be the first to go down
6/14/2017Good grief if you are referring to laughing at a post it wasn't your post it actually agreed with your stance. if you read what I said you may see that. S.D butler
6/14/2017Fuck you coward Bush voter- Mylifeforyou
6/11/2017It's that time again....Kitkat
5/31/2017Arizona Green...Kitkat
5/22/2017Green for you - Big Daddy D
5/18/2017This is wayyyyyyyyy over due....Kitkat
5/7/2017For speaking truth -- It's Time
5/2/2017Non interventionist thinking - Gonad
5/1/2017Green Gooey running ooze Zombie Daddy in a Box
5/1/2017He launches his rocks off in your mouth..
4/26/2017Melting snowflakes!! T. Noticer
4/25/2017Backatcha :) AnonymousGirl
4/25/2017The Original Mind
4/24/2017Reported Abusive Post
3/12/2017Catching up....Kitkat
1/23/2017Karma swap! manosteel
1/19/2017Greetings, stranger :) abi~
12/11/2016Merry Christmas :) Kitkat
12/6/2016Christmas green .... Ohio Chic
11/22/2016Happy Thanksgiving, you deplorable...HUGS kitkat
11/13/2016HUGS))) kitkat
11/9/2016Incoming green brother! ANP
11/3/2016Reported Abusive Post
11/1/2016Big wave hello from Vala :)))
10/31/2016Because you are you! Love your posts :) kitkat
10/31/2016Buddy list Karma...please return! ... Manosteel
10/30/2016Happy Halloween :) abi~
10/28/2016Thanks for the green----Terrebonne
10/21/2016Back at you buddy! ANP
10/21/2016Zombie ATTACK you have Been Zombiefied Zombie Daddy in a Box.
10/16/2016More green kitkat
10/15/2016Thanks....I enjoy your post....god bless....the old timer
10/14/2016Have a beautiful weekend :) abi~
10/13/2016Thanks for the great contribution to the mysterious substance thread! SeaLass34
10/13/2016U does not derserve that avatar
10/13/2016"Public statements about war decisions are mis information." -SYSTEM_ERROR
10/5/2016Midweek greenade TheDeplorableInaliena​bleRight
10/1/2016Yes, been a few. wishing you a super pleasant weekend :-) morgan
9/23/2016Sending some love your way! - LIsa*LIsa :)
9/23/2016TGIF greenade... TheDeplorableInaliena​bleRight
9/22/2016Yes One Hundred Percent. Sloane
9/22/2016Abi~ :)
9/11/2016Buddy List karma swap - Return the favor! Manosteel
9/10/2016Green smiles kitkat
9/9/2016Attack of the green Zombie Goo Zombie Daddy in a Box
9/2/2016Have a great weekend! Ag47 :)
9/2/2016Happy Labor Day Weekend :) abi~
9/2/2016Green Hugs:) kitkat
8/16/2016Fucking idot. socialism sucks.
8/16/2016Thank you for your great post to my 'world' thread! Daddysgirl!
8/10/2016Let truth seep through, until it floods the entire globe. :-) morgan
8/9/2016Well said. -Revbo
8/8/2016D Green kitkat31
8/5/2016Reported Copyright Violation
8/5/2016Big wave hello from vala :)))
8/5/2016Reported Abusive Post
8/5/2016Reported Abusive Post
8/3/2016Of course you're a shill, you don't fool many.
8/3/2016He's Not!
8/3/2016He is part of the same club~ NTT
8/3/2016You're Welcome ~ A R K
7/31/2016Good comments on Hitlery thread!
7/30/2016Abi~ dropped off a hug :)
7/30/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
7/30/2016Green Goo Zombie Attack Zombie Daddy in a box
7/28/2016Reported Abusive Post
7/27/2016Good vibe green. Sloane
7/26/2016Thank you for your submission
7/23/2016It would behoove you to learn some compassion
7/23/2016Thanks for your post, epileptic seizure thread----Terrebonne
7/22/2016Green safety kitkat31
7/22/2016Ha, you're welcome, though idk if i was much help.
7/21/2016Green Zombie Goo Attack Zombie Daddy in a Box.
7/19/2016Dace wuzz hear =-)
7/19/2016Reported Abusive Post
7/19/2016Reported Abusive Post
7/17/2016Reported Abusive Post
7/15/2016Thanks for your understanding. CB
7/15/2016Reported Abusive Post
7/15/2016Stay free
7/14/2016Thanks for the well wishes, pi
7/14/2016Reported Abusive Post
7/14/2016From Ralph---a house dog
7/13/2016No Dhimmi Greenery
7/12/2016Cause you noticed!
7/12/2016Good post and right on. (Bernie Endorses Clinton) Wedge
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