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abeliever's Avatarabeliever USA140 months, 29 days agoToday16,004
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asymetriclogic's Avatarasymetriclogic USA193 months, 15 days agoToday2,518
Asymptote's AvatarAsymptote USA122 months, 25 days agoToday4,289
 B744 Thailand108 months, 0 days agoToday4
B@Z's Avatar[email protected] USA89 months, 9 days ago1 months, 27 days ago7,321
BamaGirl73's AvatarBamaGirl73 USA104 months, 18 days ago59 months, 23 days ago3,333
Barney Rubbish the Republacken's AvatarBarney Rubbish the Republacken USA113 months, 1 days ago4 months, 6 days ago283
Base12's AvatarBase12 USA104 months, 20 days agoToday6,187
 BEEF SUPREME USA90 months, 1 days ago22 months, 13 days ago478
BlueRidge Doom's AvatarBlueRidge Doom Starfleet94 months, 15 days agoToday15,365
Bridge of Sighs's AvatarBridge of Sighs USA144 months, 22 days ago16 months, 4 days ago5,258
bro tim's Avatarbro tim USA81 months, 5 days agoToday4,335
Cameldriver's AvatarCameldriver USA115 months, 23 days ago3 days ago123
Carol B.'s AvatarCarol B. USA149 months, 6 days agoToday11,095
CAstro hik's AvatarCAstro hik USA102 months, 19 days agoToday1,009
 Chugiakian USA123 months, 9 days ago16 days ago14,840
Clockwork 1126's AvatarClockwork 1126 USA93 months, 11 days ago17 months, 24 days ago245
ConspiracyorReality's AvatarConspiracyorReality USA116 months, 6 days ago32 months, 22 days ago1,330
 Crysate USA96 months, 4 days ago35 months, 2 days ago12
CUB4DK's AvatarCUB4DK Canada61 months, 4 days ago6 days ago21,204
curry nosher's Avatarcurry nosher United Kingdom121 months, 1 days ago29 days ago16,926
Daddysgirl's AvatarDaddysgirl USA210 months, 5 days ago78 months, 16 days ago5,554
Deplorable KC_Goldshine's AvatarDeplorable KC_Goldshine USA97 months, 17 days ago60 months, 18 days ago19,928
 Doom Lurker USA103 months, 17 days ago21 months, 8 days ago1
 Dr.Layne USA88 months, 15 days ago79 months, 29 days ago6
 DrNobody USA36 months, 21 days ago35 months, 28 days ago30
 Edward Snowden Russia79 months, 15 days ago61 months, 15 days ago52
Fantasia II's AvatarFantasia II USA201 months, 11 days agoToday10,137
FHL(C)'s AvatarFHL(C) China243 months, 11 days agoToday30,148
GLP Saved Me's AvatarGLP Saved Me USA62 months, 16 days ago1 day ago4,917
He Is Risen Indeed's AvatarHe Is Risen Indeed USA124 months, 3 days ago84 months, 4 days ago709
 Hob USA141 months, 9 days ago95 months, 28 days ago48
I Love Panda Bears's AvatarI Love Panda Bears USA110 months, 8 days agoToday6,431
I<3JesusChrist's AvatarI<3JesusChrist USA89 months, 6 days ago38 months, 7 days ago86
Indysmindy's AvatarIndysmindy USA99 months, 1 days ago6 months, 3 days ago999
 Iseous USA116 months, 25 days ago30 months, 17 days ago12
 Keyser Söze USA98 months, 10 days ago73 months, 8 days ago869
KeysHolder's AvatarKeysHolder USA78 months, 9 days ago66 months, 17 days ago195
 Knightking Canada90 months, 15 days ago87 months, 4 days ago2
KnightsoftheRoundTable's AvatarKnightsoftheRoundTabl​e USA63 months, 20 days agoToday464
 Lamb of God 25 Canada83 months, 19 days ago27 months, 15 days ago235
Leyline Walker's AvatarLeyline Walker Canada78 months, 29 days agoToday1,910
 LindaE USA142 months, 6 days agoToday2,609
LunaRabbit's AvatarLunaRabbit USA117 months, 11 days ago92 months, 26 days ago1,082
maddox's Avatarmaddox USA153 months, 19 days agoToday3,564
MASTER OF THE HOUSE's AvatarMASTER OF THE HOUSE USA97 months, 4 days ago72 months, 12 days ago556
MercyMe's AvatarMercyMe USA157 months, 10 days agoToday2,431
 Mes'Sage USA23 months, 6 days ago22 months, 2 days ago398
 moses787 USA143 months, 10 days ago92 months, 20 days ago2,385
MTPREPPER's AvatarMTPREPPER USA108 months, 19 days ago65 months, 13 days ago529
Nikola Tesla's AvatarNikola Tesla Starfleet144 months, 21 days agoUnknown12,625
No Dhimmi's AvatarNo Dhimmi USA138 months, 2 days agoToday29,198
Noble Six's AvatarNoble Six USA127 months, 17 days ago1 day ago7,875
 Obama F'cked us! USA89 months, 8 days ago58 months, 27 days ago155
 Psalm119 USA110 months, 0 days ago6 months, 8 days ago3,699
REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE's AvatarREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE​ USA41 months, 25 days ago16 days ago4,125
 repulo Australia95 months, 9 days ago77 months, 27 days ago17
Resister's AvatarResister USA164 months, 21 days ago9 months, 9 days ago26,167
Shilliam the Third's AvatarShilliam the Third USA32 months, 23 days agoToday1,835
Sleepy Night Owl's AvatarSleepy Night Owl USA143 months, 25 days agoToday1,604
South Central's AvatarSouth Central USA74 months, 28 days ago4 days ago2,146
stillhere's Avatarstillhere USA145 months, 10 days ago1 day ago6,586
Tango's AvatarTango USA92 months, 22 days ago1 months, 13 days ago72
 Thank You Jesus Christ! USA81 months, 4 days ago55 months, 14 days ago1,200
THE AMERICAN INQUISITOR's AvatarTHE AMERICAN INQUISITOR USA128 months, 17 days ago4 days ago29,062
The Empress's AvatarThe Empress USA111 months, 5 days agoToday8,720
 Timothy6 USA93 months, 13 days ago91 months, 19 days ago562
 USMediCJonboy USA91 months, 28 days ago20 months, 1 days ago14
WeaponX2's AvatarWeaponX2 USA89 months, 26 days ago87 months, 2 days ago5,678
 WishinForTheMission USA128 months, 2 days ago74 months, 8 days ago6,455
Wolf 1776's AvatarWolf 1776 Starfleet104 months, 23 days ago13 months, 6 days ago11,652
 zabalzis Romania130 months, 16 days ago8 months, 19 days ago1,674
Zedakah's AvatarZedakah USA162 months, 25 days ago5 months, 7 days ago18,956
zzcat's Avatarzzcat USA106 months, 26 days ago3 days ago9,204
~LSDMTHC~'s Avatar~LSDMTHC~ USA84 months, 15 days agoToday11,325